Music of the Spheres:
The Aquarian connection in the melody “Il Silenzio”

Music of the Spheres: </br>The Aquarian connection in the melody “Il Silenzio”


Nini Rosso’s “Il Silenzio”1)“Silence” is the melody I especially liked as a child. They played it on the radio. When I was 5-6 years old and I heard it, I required silence in order to hear it better. It hypnotized me right away.2)The only western music on the radio during Communism was either instrumental or too sloppy pop. The lack of distracting choice undoubtedly contributed to the great difference I perceived in the song. The melody has long vanished from radio programs in my country. Until recently, I did not know who performed it, because it was wrongly supposed that Louise Armstrong performed it. But there were other trumpeters, as it turned out. Recently my mother accidentally discovered the melody in the internet in the form of a new performance by the young trumpeter Melissa Venema (Melissa Venema) with André Rieu‘s orchestra. It author is Nini Rosso. His original performances, which probably used to sound on Bulgarian radio, are here (1964) or here (1966).

The melody is Aquarian, because it gives a feeling of rebound, elevation and flight that I associate with the Aquarian instinct. Because of this characteristic of the instinct, the Aquarian dreams are associated with flying. This is one of the reasons the Orthodox iconography to depict the Aquarian archetype as an angel.3)The angelic illustration of the melody is for example in this music video. My Aquarian nature has instinctively liked the melody. I still does, even though now I seemingly understand why. This makes obvious that astrological influences operate from an early age, deeply and completely subconsciously. Consciousness is simply an observer of what is happening that is inclined to attribute everything to itself with a delay.

The final of the melody is important to its message. In many versions of the performance, however, the end is faded out. It seems that too much of Aquarius is not so popular.4)Venema’s performance does not fade out, but it is quite drawled. Here are some old performances without fading 1965, 1965 and newer, but too soppy 4, 5 My memory is that the performance was a solo trumpet without accompaniment but I could find such on the internet. It may be that the memory is fake, because the accompaniment is schematic and unimportant.

I definitely think that music is a zodiacal plaything. It is a dance of astro-physiological archetypes. Like the music scale, time is cyclical and the work of natural cycles is a kind of music. So, here’s

the Aquarian thread in ‘Il Silenzio”

Nini Rosso, the author of the melody, has Moon and Jupiter in Aquarius. This position gives a highly emotional pond and a desire for elevation. The melody is for trumpet, and the prolonged sounds the trumpet can release are suitable for a melody that embodies the Aquarian instinct. However, the trumpet, albeit brass, is not an Aquarian instrument, because it obstructs breathing too much and requires great strain. Trumpeters should have strong Earth and/or Fire elements in their charts because the trumpet requires static muscular tension or sporty drive. The expression of an elevating Aquarian flight by a trumpet will have to be conceived and best played by Earth or Fire Zodiac signs having a strong Aquarius. Such is the case with Nini Rosso, whose sun sign is the earthly Virgo, and the airy Aquarius is heavily tenanted in his horoscope.

Andre Rieu, Nini Rosso, Melissa Venema with astrological glyphsMelissa Venema, the trumpeter who has performed the melody with great success in recent years with André Rieu’s orchestra, also has a strong Aquarius. There is her Jupiter too. Was she born past 20 h, her moon would be also Aquarius. Before that hour her Moon is in Capricorn, where it would give the earthly push that makes good trumpeters. Either way, her Moon is approaching her Jupiter in Aquarius, which figuratively speaking, imbues her with the feeling that she is at the foot of Olympus and is going to have an intense but uplifting climb, similar to what the melody offers and the clip of her performance illustrates.5)Maybe her Moon is in Capricorn, because the performance is not as Aquarian as Nino Rosso’s, but it’s possible that her youth and gender also make it such because Aquarius is a masculine sign.

Venema is Aries and the last six years Uranus, the planet that rules Aquarius, has been passing over her Sun. It was during these years that she became famous performing the Aquarian piece on tours touring with the Andre Rieu orchestra. In addition, Venema and Rieu are Dutch, which is not unimportant.

The Dutch connection

The liberation of the Netherlands is on 5 May 1945. Then the Moon is in Aquarius and is at the highest point in the sky and the Sun is in Taurus. That is why the post-war Netherlands becomes part of the spiritual freedoms (Aquarius) and pleasures (Taurus). In full accordance with the qualities of Dutch horoscope, in 1965 the song “Il Silenzio” was chosen as a commemorative song of the liberation of the country and is played each year on that day.

Through the liberation of the Netherlands, another earthly sign intervenes in our study – Taurus. This leads us to Tchaikovsky, who is Taurus.

But what does Tchaikovsky have in common?

The melody “Il Silenzio” is a development of the Italian Cavalry bugle. Tchaikovsky also used the bugle for starting motive of his “Italian Capriccio“. Both Tchaikovsky and Nini Rosso have borrowed from the same source. The same melody has been particularly influential for both of them. The many similarities in their horoscopes illuminate why this is so. Thus, Rosso has Mars in Taurus and at the same degree where Tchaikovsky has Mars and Sun, his Venus in Virgo is in conjunction with Tchaikovsky’s Moon and his Moon and Jupiter in Aquarius are in conjunction with Tchaikovsky’s Neptune. It is remarkable that these conjunctions are between planets of similar nature. In addition, Tchaikovsky’s nationality gives him additional Aquarian characteristics.

Plagiarism is quite a relative concept and cannot be taken seriously outside the astrological context.

Cavalry attitude

Mars is fiery and governs the jumping Aries, while Taurus is terrestrial and heavy. Mars in Taurus can be embodied by a jumping horse, as long as the horse is a lighter version of the cattle. The position of Mars in Taurus betrays a cavalry attitude. We could expect that it can found in horoscopes of those whose cavalry’s signal is particularly inspiring. its musical correspondence should be in the trumpet call of the Italian cavalry.

Will anyone now wonder that Melissa Venema’s Mars is in an exact conjunction with that of Nini Rosso and Piotr Tchaikovsky?

And what about Andre Riou?

Of course, the horoscope of Andrei Rieu, whose orchestra continues to play and popularize the melody over the last decade, has a lot to do with the horoscopes mentioned so far. Rieu lacks a planet in Taurus, but his Moon is in Aquarius, which is a sufficient condition to make him like the melody. Both He and the trumpeter Venema are Dutch and therefore carry an Aquarian Moon in their collective national subconscious, because, as I mentioned, the horoscope of modern Holland has a Moon in Aquarius. That’s why the melody written by another owner of Aquarius Moon, Nini Rosso, inspires them especially strong.

In addition, André Riou’s horoscope displays musicality that is directed toward the fingers. It also contains a special requirement for showmanship or conductorship. Rieu is a bright representative of the air element. His element Earth is weak. In congruence with all of this, he is a conductor, a violinist and a promoter of Air and Aquarian aesthetics, but he does not play a trumpet.

Andre Rieu, Nini RossoHoroscopes of Riou and Venema exhibit a particularly good interrelation. They have two-way Moon-Jupiter conjunctions in Capricorn and Aquarius, predisposing them to mutually beneficial cooperation in career and Aquarian inspiration. His horoscope has a connection with that of Rosso too. Riou and Rosso charts have several oppositions speaking of mutual interest and competition, as well as two-way Venus-Saturn conjunctions in Virgo and Scorpio, predisposing them to a joint musical career and long-lasting relationships that need not be in person.

To summarize the most important. The horoscopes of “Il Silenzio” author, Nini Rosso, and the historical event, which adopted the melody for its anthem, have many characteristics in common as well as with the horoscopes of the modern promoters of the song, André Rieu and Melissa Venema. They also both with Tchaikovsky’s horoscope, They also have much to do with horoscope of Tchaikovsky, who, like Rosso, has borrowed the trumpet call of the Italian cavalry for his work.

The repeating horoscopic characteristics are:

  1. a prominent Aquarius sheltering the emotional Moon, Jupiter or Neptune
  2. Taurus with Mars or Sun (esp. around 20 degree)
  3. Virgo (Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn)

Aquarius is strongest in Rosso, and is weakest but most musical in Tchaikovsky. It is noteworthy that about 20 degrees Taurus is particularly well presented. This may be due to the fiery nature of 19, 20 and 21 degrees Taurus, which are governed by Sun, Jupiter and Mars respectively. On the other hand, the Sun of the Netherlands at 15 degree Taurus is governed by the musical Venus and therefore requires a special anthem.

Rieu has Venus at 20 degrees Scorpio in exact opposition with the sensitive degree in Taurus. Only he lacks a planet in Taurus, and Venema – in Virgo. However, it is very likely that the ascendant or other horoscopic angle of theirs falls into those signs, which only information of their birth-hours can confirm.


Planet in sign (zodiacal degree)






Moon (8),
S. Node (4)

Neptune (15)

Sun (20),
Mars (19)


Sun, Mercury (26), Venus (10),
Lilith (12)

Moon (17-29),
Jupiter (19),
Chiron (2)

Mars (19)


Jupiter (18),
Chiron (28)

Moon (15°)

Sun (15)

Andre Riou

Saturn (14)

Moon (1-11)


Jupiter (13),
(Moon? 1-2)

Mars (21)

Correspondence of tones and horoscopes

We have three repeating signs in the horoscopes associated with the “Il Silenzio” melody: Aquarius, Taurus and Virgo. The three signs has a direct correlation to the three tons of which the melody is built as well as to the original cavalry trumpet call it borrows. Without going into details, according to bioastrology, the tone F corresponds to Virgo, B flat – to Aquarius and Mars in Taurus may be presented by D flat of the upper octave. Aquarius’s tonal match can be described as an effort to immediately achieve B.

Nini Rosso, Tchaikovsky and the liberation of the Netherlands have either a luminary or Jupiter in Virgo. Rosso has Sun, Tchaikovsky – Moon, The Netherlands – Jupiter, and Rieu – Saturn in Virgo. Rosso, Tchaikovsky, and Melissa Venema have Mars in Taurus and at the same place, the Netherlands – has Sun in Taurus and all of them have a prominent Aquarius. The tone matches of these basic zodiacal qualities are F, B flat and upper D flat6)Fa, Si bemolle and upper Re bemolle.

It is remarkable that the “Il Silenzio” melody is made of nearly the same tones: F, B and D of the next octave!7)Fa, Si and Re of upper octave This is illustrated here. The difference is that the melody offers a tone that is a halftone higher than the tonal matches of Aquarius and Taurus. In this way, however, it engages the Aquarian instinct, which is characterized by the desire to spring to the next tone. The tone does not correspond to Aquarius, but it is its immediate ideal. Rising Re bemolle (D flat) with a halftone confirms the tonality and accomplishes the message.

Virgo from these horoscopes contains different planets. Virgo is rather a principle factor, the groung needed for the melody to bounce off. Aquarius in these horoscopes is emotional and cheerful because Moon and Jupiter occupy it. Taurus participating in these maps is fiery and light, because it contains Mars and Sun, and they are in fiery degrees.

Main horoscopic factors of the persons related to “Il Silezio”




tonal match


Si bemolle
B flat

upper Re bemolle
upper D flat

the tones of “Il Silenzio”



upper Re
upper D

The transition of F to B jumps over half the musical octave. This is a leap over the largest number of consecutive tones and of the octave – three tones and one halftone or seven halftones. It perfectly harmonizes with the Aquarian high-jumping instinct. It forms something like a super-major tonality. It also appears to be an Aquarian ideal, as it ends a semitone higher than the Aquarius halftone, where instinctively the Aquarius is headed for. And the melody ends in the next octave, making the bounce higher and enthralling.

The only tones involved in the melody “Il Silenzio” are virtually identical to those whose zodiacal correspondences are the main factors in the horoscopes of its author and promoters! The main horoscopic characteristics of the listed individuals and events related to the melody confirm the understanding of bio-astronomy for the agreements of musical tones and zodiac instincts.

My mother come across the melody in the performance of Andrey Riou orchestra and posted it into my Facebook, hours after the Moon had separated from Uranus and had already stepped into the next sign Taurus. The moment of her discovery is not quite accidental. Its Earthly-Aquarian state resembles the horoscopes of the particular trumpeter and orchestra’s leader, their homeland, the anthem of its liberation, melody’s author, Tchaikovsky, and according to bioastrology, of the melody itself. The Sun of her discovery is at exact conjunction to Andre Riou musical planet Neptune, Mercury – is at absolutely exact conjunction to his, both planets being in wide conjunction to his Sun, and Venus and Mars of her discovery are in Virgo near Nini Rosso’s Sun.

I wrote these lines because my Sun in Aquarius and the angles of my horoscope in Virgo and Taurus have made me like the music of all these Earthly- Aquarians, as well as to be interested in astrology.

The coincidences are too many to be random. And this article is another, but not the last one. If it seems deliberate, it’s because it’s spontaneous, just like the liking of the melody.

The Pythagoreans were right that the music from the heavenly orbits that is impenetrable to hearing, implants in people at the time of their birth.


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1. “Silence”
2. The only western music on the radio during Communism was either instrumental or too sloppy pop. The lack of distracting choice undoubtedly contributed to the great difference I perceived in the song.
3. The angelic illustration of the melody is for example in this music video.
4. Venema’s performance does not fade out, but it is quite drawled. Here are some old performances without fading 1965, 1965 and newer, but too soppy 4, 5
5. Maybe her Moon is in Capricorn, because the performance is not as Aquarian as Nino Rosso’s, but it’s possible that her youth and gender also make it such because Aquarius is a masculine sign.
6. Fa, Si bemolle and upper Re bemolle
7. Fa, Si and Re of upper octave

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