Nicholas Cage seriously injured
because of his astrologer’s negligence

Nicholas Cage seriously injured </br>because of his astrologer’s negligence

On April 24, sometime in the morning, Nicholas Cage stumbled, fell and broke (or sprained according to other sources) his ankle in Sofia. At the time of his injury, a bunch of tense transit aspects to his horoscope was rapidly forming. The red curve, which presents them on the graphs, jumps up, high above the green curve that stands for the beneficial aspects. This signifies a sharp deterioration in self-esteem, coordination, and general malaise. An actor who experiences such influences should not perform stunts. In fact, he should be on vacation and resting because, expectedly, he is more or less inadequate. Of course, if he has to play the role of an irritable bully, such tense aspects might be of help. The power of these, however, is so great that this seems unreasonable.

Nicolas Cage shoes white sock ankleTwo-sided aspect graphics are easy to interpret. They contain two curves, colored by traffic light logic. The green curve represents the good, and the red – the tense aspects. The peaks of the red and its elevation over the green indicate critical periods. More about the interpretation of two-line graphics can be found here.

The first three graphics in the gallery show Cage’s transit for April 2017. They make evident that on April 17, an unfavourable for him period began and that it dramatically worsened on April 24. This is so because then transit planets form strong tense aspects to his horoscope. The unusually steep and high elevation of the red curve illustrates the rapid aggravation. Any sudden change is critical in itself, because it requires adaptation. A sharp increase in stressful aspects is particularly critical. This particular one makes April 24 even more critical to Cage than April 27 when the red curve raises even higher.

The exact time of Cage’s injury is unknown to me. The arrow on the graphics showing the time of Cage’s injury actually indicates the time of his visit to the hospital. When evaluating the graphs, it should be taken into account that they are much rougher and less discrete than the natural influences they reflect. Therefore, the deterioration of Cage’s condition may begin a day or two earlier than the sharp ascent of the red curve, depending on his condition and state of health.

The first graph contains the full set of transit planets. The transit Moon is excluded from the second graph and the transit Sun and Moon – from the third graph. The second and third graphs illustrate even more clearly the anomalous deterioration of Cage’s transit situation because the planets that are excluded from them do not participate in the negative aspects.

Nicolas Cage movie sceneThe fourth and fifth graphs illustrate the transit aspects to Cage horoscope for one year. For better visualization, the transit Moon does not participate in the second graph. The graphs show that April 22 is the worst day of Nicholas Cage for a year.

The fifth graph is Cage’s equatorial direction for ten years back. This direction is independent of the transit, but gives similarly unfavorable guidelines for 2017. It reinforces the negative testimony of Cage’s astrological transit instead of mitigating it. Probably, if the actor knew this, he would not be shooting at this one at that time.

Even Nicholas Cage’s transit only is sufficiently indicative of the sharp and severe deterioration of his state on 22 April 2017. Obviously, the actor does not have an astrologer. Otherwise his trauma would be avoided. If I were in his shoes, I would have found myself one.


Nicolas Cage 211 looks at his astrological transit graph

Finally, without going into boring to the reader details, I would add that Nicolas Cage horoscope holds a few warnings of possible foot trauma, falls and weakness of the ankles. The degree, aspects and ruler of his Sun give these. The astrological transit accompanying the incident not only indicates the time when the danger is greatest but also accentuates the ankles because the most critical transit aspects come from their planetary ruler Uranus that has a central role in formation of critical aspects.

Ordering personal graphics

You can order a similar set of two-line graphics such as those of Nicolas Cage for you or for someone else. Graphics may save you a lot of trouble. They may also suggest the causes of past events. Of course, I will need the horoscope in question as well as the period you are interested in. Making the graphics will take me about an hour.




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