Panama Papers: People against Politicians

Panama Papers: People against Politicians

Тази статия все още не е преведена на български. Ако желаете да я преведете, свържете се с нас.

People against Diplomats: Aries against Libra

As usual, what happens above, happens below. Mundane affairs are synchronized with heavenly events. Panama Papers off-shore tax haven linked 12 world leaders to money laundering. A situation quite analogue to this is concurrently going on in the skies.

The heavenly havens of Panama

The heavenly havens of Panama

The most important world leaders who were firstly accused in avoiding tax payments and corruption were Petro Poroshenko, president of Ukraine; Hosni Mubarak, ousted Egyptian President; Ayad Allawi, ex-vice-president of Iraq; Salman, king of Saudi Arabia; Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, president of the United Arab Emirates; Sigmundur Davio Gunnlaugsson, Prime minister of Iceland; Vladimir Putin, president of Russia; Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, former emir of Qatar; Li Peng, the former premier of China; Bashar Assad, the president of Syria and Jacob Zuma, president of South Africa; Nawaz Sharif, prime minister of Pakistan; David Cameron, Britain’s Prime Minister and Sergey Roldugin, a presumed Vladimir Putin’s connection. The last two persons were added to the list because they received a lot of public attention immediately after the Panama Papers were brought out

After more than a year of investigation on 3rd April 2016, the journalists published the first set of documents. The everyday logic doesn’t consider that the time of publishing of the Panama Papers has something to with the time of birth of the leaders they accuse. Statistically, one could expect that the zodiacal signs will distribute equally among the most concerned politicians. However, reality greatly deviates from this statistical expectation. There are approximately five times more Librans and three times more Capricornians among the alleged leaders than the non-astrological statistics expects. Instead of one, five of them are Librans and three are Capricornians. One politician represents Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius and Pisces.

From an astrological point of view, however, the disproportionally large quota of Libra and the other cardinal signs – Capricorn, Aries and Cancer – is normal. Actually, the disproportionality validates astrology. According to astrology, mundane and cosmic events are interrelated, because the former inevitably synchronize with the larger frame in which they take place. Lack of connection between the time of publishing the Panama leaks and the most eminent leaders they expose would indicate they are false. The moment of publishing of the Panama Papers must be indicative of the world leaders that they affect at the most. The mundane Sun, for instance, must cast tense adverse aspects to the Suns in leaders’ horoscopes. Yet adversity and exactness of the inharmonious aspects must be proportional to the degree the Panama leaks damage one’s reputation. 

The opposition and the square are the strongest adverse astrological aspects, the former being mightier than the latter. The opposition aspect is challenging, tactful, clever and detached while the square aspect tends to be more combative. The opposition is the most objective, impartial and analytical aspect as it illuminates things from the other side. It relates to objective critics and open warfare while square – to denial, rejection and destruction. An opposition of the transit Sun to one’s Sun marks the time of maximally well-grounded antagonism towards him. A square does the same but is more impatient, violent and may be biased.

On 3rd of April 2016 the Sun was at 15° Aries. In the zodiacal circle, Libra opposes Aries while Capricorn is at square to Aries. The other sigh that is at square to Aries is Cancer, but it lacks representatives in this group of politicians. The square that the mundane Sun casts to Capricorn is waning and hence stronger than the waxing square it forms to Cancer. This explains the decisive dominance of Libra and Capricorn among the world leaders’ exposed by Panama Papers. The probability 5 of the 14 leaders mentioned above to be Librans and 3 to be Capricornians is minute. However, against all the odds, it occurred. The improbable prospect complies with the astrological expectations.

Authenticity of Panama Papers

One of the Panama Papers Islands

A Panama Papers Island

The astrological connection affirms the existence of an invisible bond between Panama Papers and their targets. The connection indirectly confirms authenticity of both the leaked information and the people it concerns.

The general astrological interpretation of the Panama leaks’ horoscope also suggests their genuineness and spontaneity. On 3rd of April 2016 the Sun was in a 5° conjunction to the revolutionary Uranus that was in a 5° conjunction to the fact-gathering and analytical Mercury. Thus, a revolutionary informing stellium spread between 15° and 26° Aries. The Sun was in the middle of the sign and consolidated it. Mars, the ruler of Aries was in Aries and supported the Sun with a trine aspect. The Moon was in the freedom-loving Aquarius and supported the stellium throughout the day. Yet the ascendant crossed Libra in Germany and England in the evening when the papers were published. It activated the opposition to Libra, which was a tempting target from a year because of the transiting Lilith.

The stellium is composed of Sun, Uranus and Mercury in Aries as the Sun forms a square aspect to Pluto. In general, this planetary combination symbolizes a straightforward truth-seeking journalist-warrior who opposes diplomacy, politicians, parade, negotiation, vacillation, politics, double-dealing and swindling (Libra), doesn’t tolerate conservatism, tribalism, collecting and insurance (Cancer) hates careerism, tradition, corporations, coldness and avarice (Capricorn) and fights Mafia, underground organizations, secret funds and exploitation (Pluto). He throws the gauntlet to the political and financial systems and exposes their ugliness and weaknesses.

The square that cardinal Uranus forms to the cardinal Pluto is a very active and basic astrological cause for the current financial crisis. The aspect forms at 2011 and evaporates toward the end of 2016. Now, at the end of the crisis, the Sun for a consecutive time joins Uranus in Aries and reinforces the square aspect it casts to Pluto the last 7 years. In this way, the Sun helps Uranus in the battle against any type of traditional secretive financial and despotic system, organized crime, underground clannishness (Pluto in Capricorn) and illuminates the financial secrets of the ruling top (Sun square Pluto). 

The Panama Papers leak is an integral part of the world financial crisis. It is synchronised with the astrological influences that are conductive to the crisis. In this sense, it occurred in the right time. Actually, the crisis cannot be accomplished successfully without the worldwide mafiotic structures, bank and monetary system, despotic regimes including and fanatical theocracies be weakened or destructed.  Irrespective of how complete the old establishment and bank system will be demolished the turmoil that the Panama Papers caused discredited it and stimulated its evolution. The Panama Papers leak bravely fosters a progressive change in the social and economic development.

Who do the Panama Papers Implicate?

The involvement of Pluto in Panama Papers is twofold. In the actual mundane skies, Pluto takes part in the crisis-producing square to Uranus, which may be symbolized by a battle between titanic truth-seeker and mafia. In personal horoscopes, Pluto tends to make people secretive, despotic, greedy and relentless. In due course, Pluto is very strong in the horoscopes of all of the leaders mentioned above. They are more or less plutonian types. Thus, the combat between heavenly titans provokes conflict between their earthly representatives. Whilst Uranus battles Pluto in the skies, the freedom-loving truth-seekers fight against financial despots on earth.

The horoscope of the Panama Papers leaks opposes Libra and Capricorn. The Panama Papers tend to incriminate Librans and Capricornians. This means the papers combat politicians and conflict with materialistic corporations. Considering the instructions of Pluto, we may specify that the corporations under attack are financial, autocratic, despotic and secretive.

Four Librans linked to offshore dealings: Petro Poroshenko, Vladimir Putin, David Cameron, Li Peng

Four Librans linked to offshore dealings by Panama Papers: Petro Poroshenko, Vladimir Putin, David Cameron, Li Peng

Let’s now try to see who of the world leaders the astrological gun of the Panama Papers is aiming at at most exactly.  In other words, let’s estimate approximately the astrological indications that relate the time of leaks’ publication to the horoscopes of the world leaders. Although inexact, the strength of the connection of the horoscope of Panama Papers and the leaders that they accuse, is an astrological indicator for the involvement of the latter. Supposedly, the stronger and exacter is the aspect between Suns of the Panama Papers leak and the leader, the more incriminating and damaging to his career it tends be.

Let’s consider the 14 leaders mentioned above. The probability for occurrence of each of the zodiacal signs is 1.1666 (14 divided to 12). In actuality, Libra occurs in 5 cases and Capricorn – in 3.  As discussed above, the deviation is astrologically logical and shows that the Panama Papers are directed against Librans and Capricornians or against politicians and big owners.

The strength of Libra or the number of planets in this sign could further specify the targets of the Panama Papers. Let’s ascribe one point to planets and two points to Sun and Moon. We may take into account Lilith and one of the Lunar Nodes too. This is not necessary but makes the planetary objects 12 so we have the same probability for a planet to be in the sign. The result can be seen at column 3 in the table. It shows that eight out of the 14 politicians have more planets in Libra than average. This is not surprising to astrology at all because Libra is the sign ruling partnership and diplomacy. Four leaders have the averagely expected one planet in Libra and only two lack planets in Libra.

NameSun’s signPlanets in Libra
Planets in cardinal signs
Petro PoroshenkoLibra5: Sun, Moon, Mercury4: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter8
Vladimir PutinLibra5: Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune6: Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus20
Sergey RolduginLibra4: Sun, Saturn, Neptune5: Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus8
David CameronLibra3: Sun, Venus, (Asc)3: Sun, Venus, (Ascendant)20
Sheikh Hamad Al ThaniCapricorn3: Mars, Saturn, Neptune7: Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Lilith6
Li PengLibra2: Sun6: Sun, Moon, Mars, Uranus6
Nawaz SharifCapricorn2: Neptune, S. Node6: Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Node, Lilith1
Ayad AllawiGemini2 (or 4?): Moon?, Neptune, Lilith3 (or 5?) Moon?, Neptune, Nodes, 0
Bashar AssadVirgo1: Venus1: Venus0
Sigmundur GunnlaugssonPisces1: Pluto3: Venus, Saturn, Pluto0
Sheikh Khalifa Al NahyanAquarius1: Neptune3: Moon, Neptune0
King Salman of SaudiCapricorn1: Lilith5: Sun, Mercury, Pluto, Nodes3
Panama Papers publishingAries1: Lilith5: Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Pluto-
Hosni MubarakТаурус04: Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto2
Jacob ZumaAries03: Sun, Mercury10

The politicians having strongest Libra in their horoscopes are Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Putin (each having 5 points and four times stronger Libra than average) followed by Sergey Roldugin (having 4 points and more than three times stronger Libra than average) and David Cameron and Sheikh Hamad Al Thani (having 3 points each).1)Cameron’s ascendant is also in Libra, but we don’t count it,
because for the most of the leaders the birth-moment is unknown to me. taking into account Cameron’s ascendant will rise his position to the top of the column.
These persons seem to be the most important targets of the Panama leaks.

Poroshenko and Putin share the first place (5), his friend Roldugin is second close behind them (4) while Cameron and Thani share the third position. The priority in the pairs may be further specified only if another general horoscopic factor is considered. Such factor may be the strength of cardinal signs, because the crisis and Panama Papers leak operate through them. Cardinal signs also relate to initiative, ambition and leadership abilities. The probability for a planet to be in a cardinal sign is 1:32)because 1/3 of the signs are cardinal. Thus, the norm for a horoscope is to have 4 planets in cardinal signs.

Ordering the leaders by strength of cardinal signs shows that 6 of them have higher than average score, 4 have average score and the score of 4 is below the average. The ordering situates Sheikh Al Thani at the lead (7 points), makes Putin, Peng and Sharif share the second position (6), Roldugin and Salman (5) share the third position and throws out Cameroon. Again, Vladimir Putin is at second place, but he is not alone.

A third general indicator that can allow us to specify our classification is the strength of the aspect between Suns of the horoscopes of Panama Papers publication and of the leaders they expose. This parameter decisively rises Putin and Cameron to the top of the list. The reason is in the exact opposition of Panama Papers’ Sun to theirs. Putin and Cameron are born a zodiacal degree apart and the Sun of Panama Papers opposes exactly the degree between theirs.

More specifically, at the time The Guardian published the Panama Papers the mundane Sun formed a separating 1°.4’ orb opposition to Putin’s Sun and an applying 1°.3’orb opposition to Cameron’s Sun. The leaks so its slight closeness to Cameron’s Sun is understandable because both the newspaper and Cameron are English. As far as the publication of the German Süddeutsche Zeitung preceded that of the Guardian it exhibits a closer affinity to Putin’s Sun implying he has greatest share in the shady affair. One way or another, the Sun of the Panama Papers’ horoscope casts exact opposition to the Sun of both Putin and Cameron indicating their involvement and key role in the issue.

What about Sigmundur Davio Gunnlaugsson?

David Cameron and  Sigmundur Davio Gunnlaugsson

David Cameron and Sigmundur Davio Gunnlaugsson

Zodiacal sign and its quadruplicity are important astrological qualities. However, they are general and cannot account for everything. The fact that Librans and Capricornians predominate among the implicated politicians is remarkable. But it doesn’t entail that the belonging to these signs is a sufficient condition for one to be politician or Panama Papers to accuse him. Astrology expects that politicians of other zodiacal signs whose reputation is endangered must have other specific factors in their horoscopes that Panama leaks affect. A typical example is Sigmundur Davio Gunnlaugsson who was the first leader to resign from the office of Prime Minister because of the Panama leaks.

The main factor in his chart that the Panama Papiers disturb is not Libra, but Venus, the ruler of Libra. In his horoscope, Venus is friendly linked to Mercury, which tends to make one well-spoken, diplomatic and to endow him with good commercial abilities. But Gunnlaugsson’s Venus is also in detriment in Aries, a position that makes one impulsive, enterprising, dissatisfied with what he has, egocentric, requiring recognition, and inclines him to extravagance. This position inclines a man to early marriage and career and tends to bring him unhappiness through a woman.

At the time of the Panama leaks, the destructive Uranus is in an exact same-degree conjunction to his Venus. This union occurs once in eighty-four years and connotes a sudden loss of assets, love and recognition. In addition, Sun and Mercury are on both sides of Uranus forming a powerful stellium centred on his Venus.

Actually, Venus is in detriment in charts of 7 of the 14 leaders in the table: Petro Poroshenko, Vladimir Putin, Sheikh Hamad Al Thani, Li Peng, Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson, King Salman of Saudi, Hosni Mubarak and is in fall in the chart of Sergey Roldugin. Venus is often weak in charts of leaders and dictators. Her weakness reveals that a chronic dissatisfaction has a primal motivator in leadership, selfishness and greed. Only in the charts of David Cameroon and Bashar al-Assad Venus is perfectly happy in her own sign though somewhat narcistic.

I don’t work for CIA or for any other political or governmental organization. The last thing I want to do is to discredit astrology. Note that this study neither implies nor rejects involvement of secret services in Panama Papers. The connection of the papers to the exposed leaders shows that no man is higher than skies. Not only astrology shows that people are externally motivated. Whatever they or their organizations manage to do is aspired and triggered from above. The author, Chief at Bio-Astrology


Тази статия все още не е преведена на български. Ако желаете да я преведете, свържете се с нас.

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1. Cameron’s ascendant is also in Libra, but we don’t count it,
because for the most of the leaders the birth-moment is unknown to me. taking into account Cameron’s ascendant will rise his position to the top of the column.
2. because 1/3 of the signs are cardinal

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