November 2015 Paris attacks:
The moment of the attack

November 2015 Paris attacks: </br>The moment of the attack

Mars was the main astrological trigger of November 13 Parris terrorist attacks. His zodiacal position determined the day they took place. His mundane position determined the moment of their onset. His aspects decorated the story and revealed the hidden motivation of the fanatics. And, of course, the aspects of the other planets contributed to that. The fact that Mars was exactly on the cusp of an angular house during the first attack shows he played a crucial role in the timing of the killings and is yet another confirmation that he was the mainspring of the Islamic terror.

The attack occurred at the most appropriate hour of the day regarding the aim and the mental frame of the killers. Astrologically, the moment of the attack is predictable given that terrorists’ existence and motivation are known.

The first attack took place at 21.20 local time. At that time Mars was exactly at the nadir or at the cusp of IV house, the degree of his greatest fall where he is unfavorably stimulated and aggressed. Mars in IV house tends to transfer one’s home onto arena of emotional fights. It makes one exceedingly aggressive in his efforts to ‘feather his nest’. When Mars in IV is also weak by sign as he was in that case he is liable to cause accidents by fire at home or homeland.

Mars in IV house implants a sense of insecurity and a corresponding passion for self-assertion. This influence charges with intense emotions. It also describes damaged or burned houses and the danger of robbery or fire. It is resonant to the need of becoming the master of one’s own tribe. It associates army and home, fire and family. Therefore, he roughly sketches a xenophobic terrorist. This analogy suggests the probability that terrorists were born in Europe or at least were well acclimatized to it.  

Mars at nadir implants a tendency for one to struggle with the world, with those who do not belong to his family or nation. Traditionally, this aspect challenges the status quo and increases the risk of accidents. It is associated with separations from one’s family or career. It warns of aggressive, foolish, reckless, inconsiderate, antagonistic and anti-social behaviour, and leads to conflict, enmity, litigation or other forms of troubles in professional and domestic affairs. Transformation and persuasion are off its agenda.

On November 13, Mars was in close conjunction to the north lunar node. Due to that node’s Martian character, the conjunction provoked violence. The aspect indicates catastrophe, casualty, fatality or tragedy stemming from the discharge of social tensions. The aspect had been exact the previous evening indicating that the concrete decision for terrorist acts was made then. The conjunction further aggravated the destructive tendencies of Mars and suggested a desire for social prominence. Demonstration of self-confidence, force, aggression and frenzy often accompany it. Now and again, this aspect stimulates cruel and ruthless acts.

Meanwhile, there was support of other planets. The Scorpio Sun resonated to vendettas while the Sagittarian Moon added up idealistic, religious and militant vibrations. The Uranus-Pluto square, which is a 5-years-old skeleton of the 5-years-long crisis and fuels the battle between progress and stagnation, operates also a crisis in theocracy and autocracy.

On top of being at 1° of the cardinal sign of its detriment and in exact conjunction with the North node at that moment Mars found himself at an angular position and at the 1° of the house of his fall. All of that further intensified his condition and poured fuel to his flames. As a result, the negative Martian vibrations became very strong, urgent, lacking restraint and resonant to the destructive anti-social moods tending to devastate home, homeland and career like an explosion. Under their influence, extremism can destroy the fundament of its own existence.

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