November 2015 Paris attacks:
Mars, circumcision and Islam

November 2015 Paris attacks: </br>Mars, circumcision and Islam
Тази статия все още не е преведена на български. Ако желаете да я преведете, свържете се с нас.

Mars governs active sexuality, masculinity, sex, sexual organs, testosterone, aggression and wars. Everything that affects sexuality affects Martian passions too. For that reason, Mars also governs and represents Jews, Muslims, and their religions as long as they circumcise their children. Although Judaism and Islam relate to Saturn and Venus respectively, both of them are made secondarily related also to an irritated Mars, Pluto or tense Scorpio by the practice of paedocircumcision that reduces the erogenous zone of the sex organ. Thus, the Libran Mars bears the vibration of a sexual dissatisfaction, an inferiority complex or a circumcision complex. The former passionately seeks assurance, excessive self-indulgence, usually leads to unscrupulous and more or less aggressive self-assertion and promises of pleasures alleviate it. The latter tends to cause sexual dissatisfaction and to encourage abstract reasoning. Collectively and especially in a religious environment, these subconscious psychological patterns tend to fuel zealous devoutness and fanaticism. The Libran Mars is resonant to those who have such conditions by birth or by circumstances. Perhaps Muslims are more susceptible to the sexual component of the Martian vibration because they circumcise adolescents whose erotic sensitivity has already developed. Therefore, Muslims must feel the influence of the frustrated Mars in the most physical way. A damaged Mars must galvanize them to greater degree than Jews or gentiles. It can be expected for terrorists’ horoscopes to hold a frustrated Mars.

In confirmation, the rough psychological portrait of the terrorists drawn by the influence of Mars on November 13 is of sexually dissatisfied rude intruders, of jealous manipulators, scandalizers and avengers. It is likely that their sexuality is not merely psychologically repressed by anti-sex morality but also at horoscopic and physical levels. It is very likely that they are not merely mentally circumcised in the way Christians are but also in flesh.

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Тази статия все още не е преведена на български. Ако желаете да я преведете, свържете се с нас.

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