November 2015 Paris attacks:
Degree symbolism

November 2015 Paris attacks: </br>Degree symbolism

The entry of Mars in Libra is among the astrological events that are essential in triggering terroristic acts and wars because it aggresses and readdress self-asserting impulses. It is the moment when the Martian piercing energy turns against partners. Libra is a cardinal masculine and dynamic initiatory sign. It begins with the autumn equinox marked by the day when night begins to gain preponderance over day. Its first degree is associated with an instant and radical change. It is a critical, destructive and double-dealing degree. It is associated with devastation and reconstruction, with idealism and self-sacrifice, with confusing good with evil and with ill fame.

The Sabian symbol of the degree is ‘A butterfly made perfect by a thunderbolt through it’. The symbol depicts a natural explosion that is destructive but also transformative. It describes death (symbolic or not) as a dedication into the spiritual realm. This harmonizes with the Islamic doctrine promising abundant rewards, especially sexual, in the afterlife to its martyrs who die for it. When Mars activates the degree, it adds an extra sexual component to the degree’s influence. Then the request for sexual advantages is even stronger which makes the degree perfectly resonate to Islamic psychology.

Libra gives promises of satisfaction while Mars requires them immediately. Mars at 1° Libra invokes a sudden aspiration to enlightenment and sexual liberation. No doubt that thus activated the degree harmonizes well with the mindset typical of radical Islamists. Besides, it is resonant to the chronic erogenous dissatisfaction that circumcision is designed to cause and to the promise of sexual excess in the Islamic paradise. It aggravates the chronic dissatisfaction that Muslims must subconsciously suffer due to the scarcity of erogenous tissue. The influence must make circumcised Muslims as well as those who have damaged Mars in their charts impatient to receive the promised sexual rewards. It is very probable that the potential Muslim terrorists spontaneously decide to attack under this influence.

The destructive Uranus rules the degree but now the planet is in the opposite sign Aries, which intensifies all manifestations of the degree. The result may be loss reputation and sense of reality leading to misbalance and collapses.

The degree is traditionally associated with a great risk of wounding and preliminary violent death including suicide. Often its negative activation bestows disgust with partnership and family life. The suicidal and misogynic nuances of the degree resemble the Muslim and Arab archetypes as a suicidal bomber and a woman hater.

Degree Totem: the fanatic cleaner – the Cinereous vulture

cinereous-eurasian-vulture-aegypius-monachusAs discussed above activation of 1° Libra played a crucial role in the timing of the November 13 Paris terrorist attacks. The totem of this degree is the Cinereous vulture (Aegypius monachus) also known as the black or monk vulture. This creature has a gloomy character and hard, strong and combative nature. It feeds on carrion and releases from the past. It always seeks something or someone to clean up. The monk vulture-person fights evil and cleanses sin from the world or at least thinks he does so. He is prone to self-sacrifice. However, just like the monk vulture takes carcass for ambrosia, the person who is resonant to its influence confuses good with evil and ideal with real. Whether he is a Don Quixote or a religious fanatic depends on the weapons and strategy he uses. The monk vulture produces fanatics. The activation of its degree especially when done by Mars as is the case of November 13, fires them up and adds them sexual connotation. Then the vibration of the monk vulture degree is like that of A misogynic monk preoccupied with thoughts of women.

This is a collective degree of humanity. It is always connected with courts, law and investigative authorities. Often it gives ill fame. Under its influence good and evil can be mixed up. It is indicative of the future that awaits us.

Collectively, the various traditional symbols of the degree portray an explosive self-sacrifice, a gloomy fanatic cleaner feeding on carcass and taking it for ambrosia. This description closely resembles a suicide bomber.

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