November 2015 Paris attacks:
Femme fatale: Lilith and Islam

November 2015 Paris attacks: </br>Femme fatale: Lilith and Islam

Venus, Moon and Islam

Islam symbolsA nude beauty personifies the goddess and the planet Venus. Astrologically, Venus symbolizes love and beauty, eroticism, sensuality, the passive feminine principle, allurement, fascination, charm,  pleasure and romance. Venus is traditionally associated with Islam. She appears as a star on Islamic flags and her day Friday is the last of the week in Islamic tradition. Some authorities consider that the Islamic crescent is also a representation of Venus and not of the Moon as it is widely considered. In confirmation, Venus unlike Moon is always seen as a crescent. Weather the Islamic crescent represents Moon or Venus, doesn’t change the fact that the main Islamic symbols are feminine. This shows that Islam idealizes femmes and femininity. In a patriarchal society, veneration of womanliness betrays that the erotic motivation has enormous power.

Lilith and Islam

Lilith Is Adam’s first woman in the Jewish mythology and the remotest point of lunar orbit in astrology. Lilith is called also Dark Moon or Black Moon. She relates to the shadowy female part of the subconscious, to the repressed anima and to the loss of sensitivity. She stands for unfulfilled wishes, painful experiences, privation and darkness. This siren aggravates and manifests the moral problems of people. Traditionally, she is a seducer and tests one’s susceptibility to evil.

Black Moon or Lilith symbolizes seduction and tabooed desiresA veiled woman is a manifestation of sexual temptation and possession. She is perceived as a precious, forbidden and concealed erotic object. A veiled woman symbolizes taboo desires, sexual temptation, erotic guilt and suggests obsessive jealousy. Astrologically, Lilith represents these. She personifies a man’s image of the ideal woman or his anima, which is the passive enticing feminine side of his personality. Therefore, the Black Moon perfectly symbolizes women wearing hijab, burqa or niqab, women and concubines in harems or the seductive virgins such as those awaiting martyrs in Muslim paradise. Lilith is an appropriate horoscopic representative of the Islamic attitude to women in general.

Circumcision removes prepuce that is the most sensitive and feminine part of the sexual organ. It represses sensitivity and womanliness. The loss of sensitivity and repressed desires associated with Lilith also relate her to the effects of circumcision. Circumcision of minors is a tradition that relates Lilith to Judaism and Islam.

Jewish culture is originally polygamous, patriarchal, sexuality repressive and circumcising. It is not surprising that Lilith is a personage of the Jewish mythology. She is a seductive female demon who seduces men in their sleep and causes their nocturnal emissions. She enjoyed popularity in the Judaic anti-sex, misogynic and polygamic culture from which Islam branched out. The sex-fearing Judaism invented mass paedocircumcision aiming at reducing lust at the expense of love for god. As long as a culture represses women, cuts off erogenous tissue and fills households or heavens with sexual pleasures, its religion is to remain related to the tempting unearthly female demons such as Lilith or astronomically to the remote empty focus of the lunar orbit. 

Lilith (1892) by John Collier in Southport Atkinson Art Gallery - Wikipedia

Lilith (1892) by John Collier in Southport Atkinson Art Gallery – Wikipedia

Actually, Lilith is appropriate to personify the attitude to women of any anti-sex patriarchal religion. Such are Judaism and Christianity, but the latter doesn’t circumcise and evolved during the Renaissance. During the last six centuries in Christian culture gradually misogyny, the fear of sexuality and sexual taboos declined, which allowed the object of temptation to undress. Lilith must be weaker in horoscopes of Christians in direct proportion to their sexual liberation. Presumably, Lilith is stronger in Islam than in Judaism because Muslims circumcise minors at greater age than Jews do and because their culture has bypassed the Renaissance. However, even atheists have wet dreams and experience spontaneous orgasms so Lilith and Venus are meaningful in any horoscope.

Femininity aspires and exits Muslims to greatest degree because of Islam subjects them to the greatest sexual and erotic repression. This could explain logically the reason why Islam has chosen feminine symbols of Moon and Venus the astrological. Lilith is a relatively new discovery and was unknown prior 20th century. Even she is not a traditional Islamic symbol it must be more important astrological factor in Muslim charts because of the great power of womanliness upon them. And the charts of Islamic radicals well illustrate this thesis.

Lilith symbolizes pre-marital sex and is associated with a young woman or a girl. Muslims merry young girls and have a passion for virgins. They follow the example of their prophet in conditions of cultural stagnation. This perfectly matches Lilith to the Islamic attitude to women.

The pair of feminine symbols on Islamic flags1)the Moon and Venus or two representations of Venus: a crescent and a star allude to polygamy. Their collective may be regarded as representing a mini-harem or a mini-paradise. The myriad virgins blessed with self-renewable virginity and the eternal erections in the Islamic paradise epitomize this.

Femme fatale: Lilith, Venus and Moon

The union of both the mundane and ghostly femmes – Venus and Lilith – is a personification of a femme fatale who lures men into disastrous situations. Their conjunction in Libra is a genuine embodiment of irresistible feminine seduction. The blending of Venus with Lilith shapes an ethereal and tempting beauty like any of the virgins populating the Islamic heaven. Or, in mundane affairs, like a man’s idea of any woman in another man’s harem.

Moon is the ruler of the feminine planets and governs the anima. She relates to motherhood, family, security, ownership and stands for the earthly component of womanliness. The blending of Moon with Venus and Lilith accomplishes the horoscopic image of femme fatale. The Moon gives the femme fatale a materialistic perspective and makes her temptation believable.

The three feminine planets – Moon, Venus and Lilith – produce a comprehensive representation of the anima. Their good and close relation in one’s horoscope must harmonize with the Islamic attitude to women and attest good susceptibility to Islam. As long as this attitude motivates radical Islamists and terrorists, it should be present in their horoscopes.

Femme fatale needs a macho

Islam symbols in four colorsAccessibility to something makes it real. Action materializes intents. Opposites are pointless alone. Without men women couldn’t know what womanless is and vice versa. Odysseus brings the sirens to life. Mars’ visits breathe life into the femme fatale. A functional horoscopic femme fatale must be connected with Mars. Expectedly, Islamic radicals must have something of femme fatale in their horoscopes. Lilith in their charts must be emphasized and connected to the other female planets and to Mars.

On November 13th, 2015, Lilith was in a close conjunction to Venus and Mars was in a 3° conjunction to them. Lilith was at the Mars/Venus midpoint. Thus, the masculine principle was intimately connected to the siren-woman who was only three steps ahead of him. At the time of the November Paris attacks Mars was paying femme fatale a visit. The heavenly siren enticed him and men of appropriate macho disposition.

The heading of Mars for the tempting unearthly sirens is analogous to the heading of Islam martyrs toward the promised crowd of virgins awaiting them in paradise. The applying conjunction of Mars to Lilith and Venus perfectly harmonizes with the Islamic expectations of the afterlife. Certainly, it galvanized the terrorists and suicidal bombers on November 12th and 13th.

The psychological homogeneity, authenticity and charm of the siren-fatale was in its peak on November 12, just the day before the attack, because then Lilith and Venus formed exact conjunction. This is another indication of time of taking of the spontaneous decision for the attack. Ironically, when Mars arrived at the place where the femme fatale was, she had disintegrated. When he reached Lilith, Venus was not there. She was hurrying forward and Mars never caught up with it. Not until October 5, 2017 will she catch up with him from behind.

The horoscopes of Islamic radicals, their organizations and terrorist acts attest the close relation of Islam to the feminine principle and the great dependence of Islamic radicalism to sexual rewards. Another astrological factor common for all these charts is the close connection of Moon and Jupiter as the former is a part of the horoscopic femme fatale therefore is related to Venus and Lilith. Thus the Moon-Jupiter connection shows the intimate relationship between women, religion, seduction and radicalism. It inevitably occurs in the charts of ISIL, of both Paris attacks – Charlie Hebdo and November 13, of San Bernardino shooting, of Brussel bombings and of other terrorist acts done by ISIL and related radical Islamists. The leader ISIL and suicidal terrorists also have this combination in their horoscopes. All of this suggests that the traditional Islamic attitude to women, repressed sexuality and paedocircumcision have something to do with religious radicalism, terrorism and suicide bombers.

The Jovian component of the Islamic femme fatale

Close Moon–Jupiter contacts persistently appear in the horoscopes of ISIS, terrorists and attacks.  This speaks of active escapism, mind travels, joviality, outgoingness, enthusiasm, impatience, rashness, passion, far-seeing impractical ideology, optimism, credulity, religiousness and betrays a sportive and somewhat infantile motivation. If the Moon–Jupiter aspects or the rest of the horoscope is tense, the traits they provide for may border on combativeness, fanaticism, religious radicalism and destruction. In such cases, the individual feels as if dark clouds are gathering above his head and no matter what he throws ahead in an escape-jump into the future.

Strong Jovian influence understandably occur in maps of people who inspire others, popular public figures, campaigners or religious preachers. Inharmonious (tense and/or very strong) Jovian influence tend to make people intolerant and destructive and relate to religious zeal, radicalism and crusade. This explains way in the maps of religious fanatics and events they organize Jupiter is as very strong.

However, there is another side of Jupiter that seems to have a special relation to Islamic faith. Tis side activates when Jupiter joins feminine planets and especially Moon. The Moon-Jupiter connection creates a special Jovian attitude to women and therefore is conductive to art, beliefs and religions that employ it. This Jovian attitude relates to Islam because this religion idealizes Jovian type of womanliness. It seems that Jupiter’s influence, mostly especially by its connection to the Moon, accomplishes the portrait of the femme fatale in the charts of radical Muslims.

Traditionally, men with strong Moon–Jupiter connection tend to marry women of Jovian type. Their inner woman is a jovial, playful, sportive, energetic, passionate, optimistic, youthful and childlike girl. Their ideal of woman possesses many of Lilith’s characteristics. Men with strong Moon–Jupiter connection carry in their hearts the vision of underage virgins. Heavens have predisposed them to paedophilia and to Islam. 

A strong Moon–Jupiter connection in horoscopes of men predisposes them not merely to religiousness but to Islam by making Muslim’s paradise credible to them. It inclines them to Islamic martyrdom. Perhaps for that reason as a rule Jupiter closely associated with Moon in the horoscopes of religious radicals and extremists. And, of course, this applies to horoscopes of their terrorist organizations and attacks.

Airwalk pole dance – a 20th century Western personification of Lilith

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1. the Moon and Venus or two representations of Venus: a crescent and a star

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