November 2015 Paris attacks:
Religious zeal and confusion in terrorists’ charts

November 2015 Paris attacks: </br>Religious zeal and confusion in terrorists’ charts

Meanwhile the birthdays of six of the attackers in Paris November 2015 massacre have emerged. These are Abdelhamid Abaaoud – the presumed mastermind and coordinator of the attack (born 8 April 1987, Anderlecht – died 18 November 2015 in Saint-Denis police raid): Salah Abdeslam (born 15 September 1989, Brussels, Belgium):1)arrested on 18th March 2016 Samy Amimour – attacker and suicide bomber at the Bataclan (born 15 October 1987, Paris, France); Fouad Mohamed-Aggad – attacker and suicide bomber at the Bataclan theatre (born 18 September 1992, 13:10, Strasbourg, France); Ibrahim Abdeslam – attacker and suicide bomber (born 30 July 1984) and Hasna Aiboulahcen Boulahcen (Ait Boulahcen) is a female cousin of the coordinator, the female suicide bomber in Saint-Denis in (born 12 August 1989, 3:50, Clichy-la-Garenne, France). A brief examination of their charts follows. Generally, it confirms validity of the astrological tradition about the horoscopic factors indicative of religious fanaticism, aggression, and suicidal tendency. It confirms also the horoscopic factors suggested above conductive to the suggestibility to the Islamic beliefs in the sexual rewards in paradise.

Extreme fire in extremists’ charts

Astrologically, religious extremism requires an excess of the element fire in order to produce terrorists. All of the seven terrorists examined here including their boss have predominant fire in their charts. Each of them has one or two luminaries in fire signs and/or Sun and/or Moon joined to Mars and/or to Jupiter, the latter also giving susceptibility to religion.

Expectedly, terrorists killing for the sake of religion must be passionate and aggressive religious fanatics. Religious radicalism describes them as idealists having unbalanced devotion and ideas that conflict with reality. Religious extremists are psycho-escapists who are able to self-sacrifice. They are wishful-thinkers who are liable to hysterical conditions. They loudly state their religiousness and use it in the struggles for power.

The spiritual inadequateness of Jupiter and Neptune amalgamation

According to astrology, the religious fanaticism, escapism, self-sacrifice, hasty generalizations, ideological dogmatism, utopianism and inability to adapt to reality, result from close and tense relations between Jupiter and Neptune. These aspects denote and religious extremism invariably occur in the horoscopes of the religious extremists. And of course, the same applies to the chart of ISIL and of its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Aspect between these planets is absent in only one of the charts of the six terrorists. However, a heavily aspected Jupiter and Neptune and a very strong Pluto compensate for this.

Troubled waters and disturbed spirituality

In the horoscopes of all terrorists mentioned above and of ISIL either Uranus or Saturn or both or them, or Mars or Pluto afflict Neptune and disturb spirituality. Apart from its aspects to Neptune, Jupiter has tense aspects with different planets in all of the cases, which confuses the ideology. The lightest aspect of that kind is in the leader’s chart where Jupiter and Neptune form square to Mercury showing a deep discrepancy between reason and wishful faith.

The leader, his organization and followers have important horoscopic features and inclinations in common. They form a group of common horoscopic elements. Among them are an unbalanced and unrealistic religious devotion, passionateness, chronic dissatisfaction and sensual utopianism. In this respect, the extremists are like a family. As it usually happens, likes befriend likes. Whether one is inclined to religious extremism and to what degree is shown in his chart.

The spiritual inadequateness of the tense Jupiter-Neptune type may lead to passive escapism and to taking the path of least resistance. Confused idealism needs a religious background and repressed sexuality in order to grow into religious fanaticism. Judaism and Islam repress sexuality both mentally by social bans, and bodily by circumcision. At that, the sexual repression of Islamic circumcision is more concrete because it is performed later in life.

Repressed sexuality

Religious confusion needs anger and energy in order to build up militants and extremists. It needs excess of sexual energy and/or inability to discharge it in the natural way. And this inability may stem from inborn anxiety or from physical and mental repression. Islam represses sexual sensitivity and thwarts its discharge by circumcising of minors. On the other hand, it fuels sexuality by advertising polygyny and sexual liberty in the afterlife. It makes Muslims hungry and promises them abstract food. It rules by creating sexual dissatisfaction and by channeling the surge of the accumulated energy.

Lack of erogenous receptors obstructs the full natural discharge of sexual energy. For that reason, Muslims are easily energized by sexual seduction. All other things being equal, Muslims are more likely to be fanaticized by horoscopic features disposing to sexual dissatisfaction due to their circumcision. In addition, religious confusion needs suicidal inclinations to produce martyrs and suicide bombers.

Horoscopic factors of repressed sexuality are weakened Mars or Pluto including their connection to Saturn, the latter also giving toughness and cruelty. In the charts of ISIL, its leader and the terrorists the astrological conditions of repressed sexuality are present. In all charts, Mars is invariably damaged or frustrated. This betrays stagnant masculine energy and the corresponding sexual dissatisfaction. The chart of the female suicide-bomber presents an exception because in it Mars is well aspected. The Islamic radicalism of the woman-terrorist is not prompted by unconfident sexuality or erectile dysfunction. Still, the aspects of Mars to Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune in her chart reveal rough nature and confused ideology.

Unhappiness, insensitivity or injured femaleness

Venus is a symbol of Islam. She is depicted as a star on Islamic flags. As we have shown, together with Moon and Lilith she is an astrological index of the virgins in Islamic heaven that we termed femme fatale. In addition, it seems to me that the position of Venus at a time of terrorist attacks gives a good general description of the place of the attack.

Afflicted Venus is a horoscopic sign of repressed sensitivity and sexuality. she reduces the ability to rest happily and makes sexual gratification incomplete. Certainly afflicted Venus matches to sexuality of Muslims as long as circumcision removes the greater part of their erogenous tissue. Perhaps for that reason injured Venus is present in terrorists’ horoscopes.

Venus injured by Scorpio or Pluto associates pleasure with suffering and love with death. Venus in detriment in men’s horoscopes indicates a repressed woman and femininity and tends to bring unhappiness through women. The damaged Venus could indicate liability to believe in sexual excess in afterlife making the Islamic paradise credible.

In the charts of the terrorists that we’re discussing here, including ISIL leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Venus is invariably injured by its antagonists Scorpio or its rulers. She is either in detriment in Scorpio or in an aspect to Pluto or Mars linking womanliness to afterlife. Still, in the charts of Fouad Mohamed-Aggad and Hasna Aiboulahcen Boulahcen Venus is only indirectly afflicted.

The upset Venus in extremists’ horoscopes betrays their inability to feel content and to rest satisfied. The unhappy Venus is another side of men’s sexual dissatisfaction. It is not a surprise, therefore, that in the horoscope of the female-terrorist Venus is unafflicted by aspect. Her Venus connects to Mars and Pluto by sign and by aspect of sign’s ruler. In the horoscope of Fouad Mohamed-Aggad Pluto also indirectly affects Venus. Both his Venus and Pluto are exceedingly strong, each in its own sign and well aspected. In effect, the great concurrent activity of these antagonistic bodies frustrates them similarly to a tense aspect.

Death and sex fixation

In the charts of ISIL, its leader and of the terrorists, Pluto is very strong or it is in its own sign Scorpio. All of them belong to an intense generation. Its sexuality is so passionate that it borders danger. It is insatiable and is instinctively related to death and the afterlife. This transit caused a worldwide fixation to sex and death and stimulated the invention of AIDS. The emotional intensity, the association of sex with evil, the sexual dissatisfaction and its association with hereafter are compatible with the anti-sex morality of Abrahamic religions and with the psychological effect of circumcision. The postponement of pleasure fancied by a frustrated sexuality matches the sexual pleasures of the Islamic paradise.

The femme fatale

And what about the femme fatale, the seductive siren representing the virgins in Islamic heaven? Is she present in the terrorists’ charts? Is Lilith expressed and closely connected to Venus in their horoscopes? Yes, she is. And the Moon often accentuates her. What is more, Mars is often ‘chasing’ the femme fatale validating her and her unattainability. 

In the leader’s chart, Moon is in conjunction to Lilith, both cast quintile aspects to Venus, which is very strong by sign, and closeness to Sun while Mars is retrograde, approaches an applying trine to Moon and Lilith and his ruler is in conjunction to them. Yet Pluto casts sextiles to Venus, Jupiter and Neptune. In his chart, the femme fatale is intermingled with the masculine principle and is close to the keeper of the underworld Pluto. Perhaps he finds the sexual bliss in afterlife credible.

In the chart of the mastermind terrorist Abaaoud, Lilith befriends Venus by a trine and challenges Mars who is approaching her by a semi-square.

In chart of Salah Abdeslam, Lilith and Venus are in conjunction. Venus is in detriment in Scorpio and rapidly moves toward Pluto. She is bound to the underworld insinuating that the love of the siren is fatal. Mars and Sun are a sign behind Lilith and Venus, approach them and oppose Moon.

In the chart of Ibrahim Abdeslam, Venus provokes Mars with a square while Lilith is in their midpoint and is well integrated because she casts aspects to the Sun, Mars, Jupiter and the nodes.

In Amimour‘s chart, Lilith is in conjunction to Moon, both cast squares to doubly damaged Venus2)in Scorpio and in conjunction to Pluto. Here both Sun and Mars are heading toward the doubly fatal Venus.

In Fouad Agad’s chart, an exact trine joins Venus and Lilith, Mars does not aspect any of them but Venus disposes him by sign in the chain of dispositions and Moon is heading towards him. The map shows great inclination to religiousness due to an exact Sun-Jupiter-Mercury conjunction and fanatical and death-related issues due to the great strength of Pluto by sign, aspects and midpoints.

Interestingly, in the chart of the female terrorist Hasna Boulahcen the three feminine planets that make up the horoscopic portrait of the heavenly femme fatale are unrelated by major aspect or disposition. Lilith and Venus are in semi-sextile, which is a weak connection. Still they are occidental and Mars and Sun are heading toward them. Femme fatale does not seem to be among the horoscopic motivators of the female suicide-bomber.

In the horoscope of ISIL, the sexual temptation is strong because a frustrated Mars casts back an exact sextile to Lilith and Moon joins Lilith the next day and Mars the next week whilst Venus forms a semi-sextile to Sun. The femme fatale is implied in the development of the map and is less differentiated than she is in the terrorists’ horoscopes.

A disciplined freedom-loving: a Saturn-Uranus blending

Saturn and Uranus are invariably closely connected in terrorist’s’ charts. They are in conjunction or form trine in the chart of ISIL leader and are in quincunx in the chart of ISIL. The Saturn-Uranus blending has a great contribution to psychology of terrorists and suicide bombers. It also occurs in the chart of Andreas Lubitz, the Germanwings copilot who crashed his plane over Alps.

The blending of Saturn and Uranus is a paradoxical combination that may be fanatical and destructive. It is conductive to disciplined spontaneity and mental depression. It inclines to absolutism, total transformation, drastic irreversible changes, self-sacrifice and suicide. It is associated with any type of loss including loss of the meaning of life.

The Saturn-Uranus blending makes the native patient, methodical, stubborn, rigorous, tough, arrogant, self-reliant, conceit and perspicacious but also decisive, wayward, moody and hysterical. It endows him with the ability to use the slightest opportunity to achieve his goal, with indomitable will and fanaticism. It makes him feel exceptional, called and chosen by God. The native may think that his ways are inscrutable as the ways of the Lord and behave as a fanatical despot. The Saturn-Uranus combination provides for many of the characteristics that terrorists appear to possess.

An anti-Christian programming: a Saturn-Uranus-Neptune blending

A connection of the Saturn-Uranus blending to Neptune tends to direct its paradoxical fanaticism toward spirituality and religion. The Saturn-Uranus-Neptune amalgam can make one think that he is an implement of providence, an extension of God’s hand.

Neptune is associated with Christianity and passive spirituality while the Saturn-Uranus amalgamation is related to destructive ideology. A connection of Neptune to destructive Saturn-Uranus union tends to associate Christianity with damage. It is not surprising that in the horoscopes of all of the mentioned above terrorists Neptune is in conjunction to both Saturn and Uranus, aspects them or is in mutual reception with them.3)In the horoscope of Ibrahim Abdeslam, the connection is less direct, but is still present. The connection is present also in the chart of the suicidal Germanswings copilot.

Pisces and Neptune are symbols of Christianity. The name Christos is derived from ‘fish’ in ancient Greek. Pisces, Neptune and Christianity are associated with virtues such as passive spirituality, hopeful faith, charity, compassion, sensitivity, temperance, abstinence, nonresistance and asceticism. On the other hand, the active, impatient, sportive, sexual, combative and aggressive spirituality relates to Jupiter and Sagittarius. The antagonism of Jupiter and Neptune in one’s horoscope opposes passive to active spirituality creates unattainable and confused ideals. In horoscope of Muslims, it will tend to provoke hostility towards Christians and vice versa.

The Jovian instinct is a type of active escapism while The Piscean instinct is a passive escapism. They relate to each other as rashness to avoidance. As we’ discussed above, in all of the terrorists’ charts the Jupiter is pronounced and adverse to Neptune, which tends to confuse spirituality and inclines to ideological intolerance, to fanatical and boasting religiousness. The Jupiter-Neptune conflict signifies religious war between Islam and Christianity.

So we have defined two groups of horoscopic relations between the slow-moving spiritual planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune that are conductive to religious intolerance and tend to provoke hostility between Islam and Christianity. These are Neptune’s adversity to Jupiter and its connection to Saturn-Uranus. Such interrelation between the spiritual planets in horoscopes of Muslims tends to create anti-Christian subconscious programs. With these horoscopic conditions present, it is up to the violent and fire horoscopic elements and to the religious environment to compile a suicidal terrorist.


There are certain relations between the horoscopes of the extremist organization, its leader and the attacks. Astrologically, he has signed them clearly. In addition, an entire generation of people born between 1983 and 1990 is horoscopically predisposed to sexual dissatisfaction and religious radicalism.

Following such astrological criteria, CIA could effortlessly filter out the potential terrorists.


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1. arrested on 18th March 2016
2. in Scorpio and in conjunction to Pluto
3. In the horoscope of Ibrahim Abdeslam, the connection is less direct, but is still present.

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