Death can have a graphic expression:
Radoslav Kavaldjiev – Roro

Death can have a graphic expression: </br>Radoslav Kavaldjiev – Roro


Bad astrological aspects are bad for health

In the last century, the malicious astrological aspects tends to be referred to as tense or inharmonious. This is so, because the modern democratic civilization has developed tolerance to the oddities of character and to psychological abnormalities. But regardless how we term the bad aspects, they are heavy to health. A moderate amount of bad transit or directional aspects creates a natural immunity of horoscope’s bearer. In large amounts, however, the tense aspects often cause disease. They can cause even death. It seems such is the case with Radoslav Kavaldjiev – Roro.

But let’s immediately pacify the reader. The build-up of very heavy transit and other aspects happens rarely and not to everyone, because it depends on the individual horoscope and on the influence of astrological factors after his birth, the combinations of which are practically endless. Thus, the health-threatening groupings of aspects are individual. Still, occasionally someone receives sufficient number of heavy aspects to put his health at risk. And if he’s relatively young, they push him toward a premature death.

On 24.2.2017 the famous TV presenter and music producer Radoslav Kavaldjiev – Roro died suddenly after a short illness. He was favourite of many and son of the legendary pop singer Villi Kavaldjiev – The Voice.

Roro was 41 years old and his death came unexpectedly early for his age. The numbers are not qualities. We are not the same neither genetically nor energetically. We are not only have different hereditary information, but different horoscopes and therefore energy structures.

Medical reasons for the illness and death of Radoslav wasn’t established, although he was hospitalized. As usual, in such cases virus or distress were incriminated. His friends who were guests of Milen Tsvetkov’s TV show to discuss the cause of Roro’s death couldn’t nothing else. So they spoke mainly about his life. They mentioned that a few years ago Roro has changes his lifestyle. He has begun to lead a healthy life without medications and to meditate.

Radoslav Kavaldjiev – Roro died at the worst peak of his equatorial direction

I know from experience that astrology usually has something to tell about cases of physiological conditions lacking medical explanation. Medical astrology often understands what is happening where mainstream medicine is helpless. The reason is in the wider scope of its worldview.

Equatorial directions show the slowest astrological programming, the hills of life I could say. Radoslav’s Directorate clearly shows that death came for him at the worst half-year period of his life. To him 2017 is an extremely unfavorable year, as illustrated by the too high rise of the red curve above the green one. A period so heavy is rarely seen in someone’s graph and warns of a serious health hazard. It is possible to prove insurmountable.

Radoslav Kavaldjiev, Roro; Equatorial Direction Nodes 30 years

Two-line aspect graphic of Radoslav’s equatorial direction covers the last 30 years of his life. It shows that death visited him in the worst six-month period of his life.

It is difficult to give universal recommendations on what to do to reduce the effects of severe long-term aspects. However, it appears that friendly mode, light food, less toxins, more rest, yoga and meditation would soften them. Generally, it may be suggested that journeys and other strenuous activities are contraindicated. It is possible Radoslav has had a foreboding be of the steer slope that his body has to climb, so he has taken a healthy course of life years ago. Judging by this graph, most likely this happened in 2010.

Difficulties temper, but can also kill

Although the hard aspects can develop thinking and morality, they are harmful to health. Too severe tests lead to severe conditions. The inharmonious aspects are unpleasant, painful and jeopardize health. Too many of them can be dangerous. Their rehabilitation in psychological astrology is largely conditional.

The analogue graph Villi Kavaldjiev shows that his death occurs exactly at a peak of disharmonious aspects. In his case, the deterioration is shorter and weaker. But it proved fatal to the sick already man..

Vili Kavaldjiev Equatorial Direction Nodes 10 years

The two-line aspect graph of Villi Kavaldjiev’s equatorial direction for a period of 10 years shows that his death came at the worst moment of the period. Villi has had an even more unfavourable peak 1998, but has overcome it.

The astrological transits of both Radoslav Kavaldjiev and Villi Kavaldjiev do not indicate a dramatic deterioration in their health at the time of their demise. That both – father and son – have left life under the pressure of the continuous influences of the equatorial direction indicates the presence of certain hereditary factor of unknown origin – energetic, horoscopic or genetic.

The two-line graphs do not provide specific information about the types of health problems, but inevitably give some indication of general health condition.1)How to read 2 line aspect graphs is explained here. In assessing a problem not only the transit but also the longer-term influences, such as those indicated by the astrological directions and progressions, need to be taken into account. Benchmarking enables gravity and criticality of situations to be objectively evaluated. The transit of Radoslav for February 2017 indicates that 22 is the most critical day of month, but shows no fatal ailment. Considering, however, that his monthly crisis takes place at the background of his most critical year according to the direction, suggests a great risk to his health.

Radoslav Kavaldjiev, Roro Transit without transit Mercury February 2017The two-line aspects graphic of Radoslav’s transit for February 2017 shows that his death occured in the worst day of the month. The fast-moving planets have less regard to long-term ailments and even tend to mask them. For greater demonstrativeness of the graph, the aspects of the fast moving transit Mercury are not calculated for this graph.

Those who know Radoslav say he was a unique person. Roro was a rare man with anomalous horoscope and unexplained early death. Unique people infrequently live out shortly because they have unusual horoscopes subjecting their health of unusual tests.

Knowledge of life crises could help their overcoming. It ​​ is pointless now to Roro and Villi, but we can thank them for the visual demonstration of the wrecking power of the astrological programming.

Radoslav Kavaldjiev, Roro Transit without transit Moon and Mercury February 2017

The two-line transit aspect graph of Radoslav for February 2017 shows that his death occurs in the worst day of the month. Fast-moving planets have less regard to long-term ailments and tend to mask them. For greater demonstrativeness of the graph, the transit aspects of Moon and Mercury are excluded from this graph.

Doctors have learned to give descriptive names of diseases. The names did not explain their cause. ‘Multiple organ failure’ is just the medical term of saying that Roro is very bad. ‘I do not know what stroke me down, but I’m going through a very low frequency Astral.’ – commented Roro on 22 February in Facebook reported ‘24 hours’. ‘I will recount when I pass.” – he concluded.

It’s better to be warned

Some say they are afraid to know the worse to come, because they think they can cause it. But don’t they want to know the good that’s in store? Don’t they want to enhance it? Are their thoughts lousy? Are only their negative thoughts convincing?

I’d tell them that they overestimate the power of thinking. If our reasoning had the strength to affect health, would people suffer at all? Would they commit suicide or die in torment? If their thoughts were strong, would they be afraid of knowledge?

Let us, the thinking ones, be more humble. The fact that we don’t know what thinking is, betrays how smart we are. Ignorance is no excuse for megalomania.

Our thoughts are likely to be consequences or reflections instead of causes. Their energy is residual. Reality exists independently of us because it scares us. External and cosmic influences cause (most of) our states and thoughts. The opposite would be absurd.

Thought is an echo of the processes. It has no force to change anything by itself. the it can do is to have influence upon other thinkers. It is able chiefly to justify its own impotence and laziness and to overestimate its power, spinning in a vicious circle. If we succumb to suggestion shows that our thought is frail and therefore innocuous.

I’ve heard people saying of someone that negative thoughts has made him sick. But the horoscopic analysis shows that his negativism is inborn and therefore both thoughts and his health are equally invested in its energy plan. Therefore, both reasoning and physiology are consequences and not the cause of each other. It seems that we took too seriously the linguistic division of spiritual and physical.

That unwillingness of one to know his future, betrays that he lives in fear and that his will is not free, and not that his mind is strong. We interpret suggestibility as a power of thought. However, it is actually its weakness. Our only evidence of the power of thought is its weakness.

Those who don’t like to undergo changes are attached to their diseases and defends their ignorance of their causes. They pay health insurance for this. But the freedom that ignorance gives is deceptive.

It is good that astrology can warn us of health periods. This makes prevention possible. The easiest approach is first to consider simple two-line graphs showing the cumulative impact of astrological aspects. I would recommend at least two types of graphs to be taken into account: the transit and equatorial direction to the horoscope under investigation. It is also useful for any case several graphs of different aspects orb 2)Orbis is conditional angular size of the astrological object. to be prepared and compared, because some influences can remain hidden and unnoticed. In the presence of anomalous peaks in the two-line graphics their constituent aspects should be considered in more detail. Then a more effective illness prevention strategy can be developed. We can mitigate the tests which our body will be subjected to reducing the criticality of the coming period. For example, at astrological influence that tend to raise the blood pressure scandals and sports should be avoided. Of course, this applies with even greater force to those who have an innate horoscopic tendency to high blood pressure. It’s needless to say that I could prepare two-line personal aspect graphics on your request.

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1. How to read 2 line aspect graphs is explained here.
2. Orbis is conditional angular size of the astrological object.

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