Ordering Services


We offer a varied range of astrological services. The price of each service is determined by the time it takes to complete, as indicated within the respective service description. The price is calculated at a rate of €20 per hour for written reports and €30 per hour for live chat services.


Queries are welcome via any of the following means;

Do not shy away from asking questions or making requests. They are free of charge. They will not be processed before you pay.

How to order

Orders are placed by first making a payment via PayPal or bank transfer, and then sending the required birth data along with your PayPal or bank transfer payment details to our email. Be sure to clearly state which astrological service you are ordering.

Response time

I will deal with your request at the earliest convenience after receiving the payment. Every astrological study is an individual process, and it may take longer than expected. That is why the deadlines for implementation are not exactly specified. You will receive an answer as soon as possible, usually within a week.


Through PayPal

By bank transfer – IBAN: BG12BUIN95611000468672

Reimbursement at non-fulfilment

If for some reason I am unable to execute your request on time or I am not satisfied with the outcome, I will refund your contribution immediately. PayPal refunds the amount free of charge up to one month after receipt of payment.

Urgent ‘fast track’ Orders

Requests for urgent orders requiring a turnaround of less than one week can be considered, and will be charged at twice the rate of standard orders. In such cases, please use all of the contact methods above to ensure an early response.


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