…and the heavenly terror index pointed at Stockholm

…and the heavenly terror index pointed at Stockholm

Astrological background stirring religiopolitical conflicts

Stockholm lightningsThe Stockholm truck attack took place on 7 April about 14:50 local time. As usually, it is synchronized with slower astrological mundane aspects that provoke aggression, ideological intolerance and religious conflicts.1)The links of many of these aspects to terrorist acts are discussed here. Most of them were already formed at the time of Westminster and St Petersburg terrorist attacks. They also helped motivation the anti-Christian and anti-European statements of the Turkish president Recep Erdogan, chemical attack in Syria and the US strike on Syria.

Eclipses issue warnings about trouble in Sweden

At least the last two Solar Eclipses can be traced to pose terror risk to Sweden. The Annular Solar Eclipse on 1 September 2016 situated the two classic malefics on Sweden’s Mars and Sun and joined the new death-related planet to Sweden’s Point of Life, which forebodes trouble. The Annular Solar Eclipse on 26 February 2017 marks the sensitive point where Moon and Ascendant will meet at the truck terror attack. It has both luminaries conjunct to Neptune in Pisces implying confusion due to involvement of religion and/or migration. With its exact Mars-Uranus conjunction in Aries, it clearly signifies violence or explosion coming from the corresponding degrees in Aries that were maximally activated for the year around the time of the attack.

Location index of Sweden, Russia and St Petersburg

A few days prior the Stockholm truck attack, the Sun formed a conjunction to Uranus in Aries. It focused its rays on Uranian places. Traditionally Uranus governs Russia and lower Sweden where Stockholm is located. It also has a special rulership on St Petersburg.2)Traditionally, Uranus and Aquarius rule Arabia, Abyssinia, Circassia, Lithuania, Lower Sweden, Prussia, Poland, Piedmont, Russia, Tartary, Westphalia and the cities Bremen, Brighton, Hamburg, Helsinki, Salzburg, Moscow, St. Petersburg. Uranus is location index of these places. The Sun-Uranus conjunction activates it. It forms once a year an lasts about two weeks. The Uranian places are tend to be turbulent during that period. The unrest unusual in Russia peaking at 26 March is linked to the oncoming conjunction. The days before and around the attack, it energized Russia, St Petersburg and South Sweden. In due course, on 3 and on 7 April terrorist attacks in St Petersburg and Stockholm took place.

The conjunction is in Aries, which the combative Mars governs. The combination of the martial Mars, unruly Uranus and authoritarian Sun increases the risk of terror acts and explosions in both Russia and Sweden for about two weeks. The St Petersburg subway suicide bomb exploded at the very beginning of the conjunction perhaps because St Petersburg is a doubly Uranian place and therefore very sensitive to Uranian influence. Four days later the Stockholm truck attack was executed. It seems that it needed still another astrological stimulation.

Location index of Stockholm

Another indication for Stockholm is Moon, because Cancer rules this town. At the very moment of the attack, Moon was just rising at Stockholm. She was in exact conjunction to both Ascendant and her North Node – two factors of Martian type. This position of the Moon is quite distressed and challenges aggressive, antisocial, reckless, bold and irritable character and implants combatant, revolutionary and extremist disposition. The Moon-Node-Ascendant combination indicates a tendency for drastic change in environment. It resonate s to womanish, emotionally insecure, depressed or sexually dissatisfied men. It is pertinent to sexually repressive ideology and practices such as Islam and circumcision.

Moon symbolizes mother and motherhood. The doubly hurt by masculine influences Moon has misogynistic, anti-maternal and hence anti-childish character. Her condition connotes aggression toward mothers and children. Perhaps it served as an extra motivation to the terrorist driver to ‘deliberately target young children’ in baby carriages pushed by their mothers as he drove the hijacked lorry into crowd. The lunar influences amplified his pre-existing attitude and put it into action.  

The Ascendant meets Moon once each day and the Moon joins its Node once each month. The Moon-Node-Ascendant conjunction forms once per month and lasts no more than 20 minutes. The fact that the conjunction is exactly concordant with the Stockholm terrorist attack and harmonizes with its character is indicative of its impotence. It also confirms that Stockholm has a Cancerian character.

The Stockholm terrorist attack took place at the only fortnight of 2017 during which Sun joins Uranus, the ruler of Sweden and at the exact time when the Moon, the ruler of Stockholm, joined both its Node and the Ascendant.

The combination of the Sun and Moon indexes define the timing of the terrorist act very accurately. It reverberates with terrorist intentions of the type described above and provokes extremist acts for less than half an hour. And the terror act coincided with its peak.

There is another timer that made it so exact. These is another Martian influence that maximizes at the beginning of the attack.

Daily peaks of aggression

At the moment of the Stockholm truck attack, Mars was exactly at zenith indicating the daily maximum of aggression. The same was the case with 2017 Westminster attack in London on March 22, 2017. When Mars was at exactly at its highest place above the heads of Londoners the Westminster attack took place. When Mars was directly above the head of Stockholmers the Stockholm attack took place.

The Ram is straightforwardly involved in vehicle-ramming attacks

At the truck attack in Nice 2016, Mars was exceedingly strong. It was exactly at one of its few possible annual peaks of power, abundantly aspected and only an hour past its daily culmination. Mars was at exact trine Sun and Chiron, in exact conjunction to Moon, in his own sign, at exact square Ascendant, at exact quincunx Uranus, in parallel to Pluto and in contraparallel Sun, Mercury, Venus. Mars exhibits similar procrastination behind zenith at St Petersburg subway explosion speaking of a period of preparation.

The day of Berlin truck attack 2016 at the Christmas market Mars has just entered Pisces3)at 11h, the beginning of which it rules, linking aggression and religious venture. At the time of the attack Mars was nearing the South lunar node that has Martian character and that at the moment of the attack was at the cusp of the night Martian house (VIII) that Mars has just left and that activates killing and revengeful energies maximally for the day. That day Mars was at zenith about 16.30 which is early for assault on Christmas market. The attacker was activated by the passage of Mars in the revengeful Martian house and entered the house of open enemies VII.

Mars activates spontaneously terrorists, especially those who use vehicles of knives for weapon. It is not surprising that Mars, the ruler of Aries the Ram, is the immediate inspirer of vehicle-ramming attacks. Vehicle ramming attacks are modern incarnation of Martian instinct to smash into that modern cars make possible.  Traditionally Mars also relates to sharp weapons such as knifes and hence to stabbing attacks. At Reutlingen knife attack Mars was exactly on ascendant, at its mundane peak of force, demonstrating that he rules blades and knifes.

At Westminster bridge truck attack Mars was exactly at highest mundane place at MC. The attacker also stabbed an unarmed police officer showing the validity of astrological tradition. At London Bridge attacks Mars was strong but afflicted in the worst mundane angle to him. After ramming pedestrians the attackers ran to the Borough Market pub area and stabbed people with long duner knives. Ramming and stabbing are Martian deeds.

At Finsbury Park mosque ramming van attack Mars wasn’t at an angle but was affiliated in friendly V house. The South lunar node, however, that has Martian character was exactly on the ascendant that is the most Martian point of the mundane circle, a position that lasts about a dozen minutes.  At Champs-Elysees car ramming attack that took place the same day Mars was at the most elevated planet and near the highest mundane place MC and was also severely hurt. In both ramming attacks Mars was in mutual reception with Moon and was square to Jupiter, connecting the two main triggers of Islamic extremism.

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1. The links of many of these aspects to terrorist acts are discussed here.
2. Traditionally, Uranus and Aquarius rule Arabia, Abyssinia, Circassia, Lithuania, Lower Sweden, Prussia, Poland, Piedmont, Russia, Tartary, Westphalia and the cities Bremen, Brighton, Hamburg, Helsinki, Salzburg, Moscow, St. Petersburg.
3. at 11h

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