Yes, Andreas Lubitz did it, part 6:
Fatalism, sabotage and abuse of power and aviation

Yes, Andreas Lubitz did it, part 6: </br>Fatalism, sabotage and abuse of power and aviation

A fatalistic-anarchistic urge to stay idle in critical moment

The squares of Lunar Node to planets incite the native to perform untimely and inappropriate actions. They dispose him to cause distress. The Uranus-Node square forces him to stay idle when he must act decisively or to accelerate processes that must be terminated. The aspect makes the native appear freedom-loving whilst in actuality he has antagonistic and anarchistic dispositions. It programs him seek absolute social liberty. However, such is unachievable within the society so he feels doomed. His love of freedom is fatalistic. This must be especially valid for Andreas Gustav Lubitz because the four planets of the main stellium in his horoscope for square aspects to nodes.

Abuse of aviation in Lubitz’s chart

At the usual low level of personal development, Lilith in Leo gives proclivity for abuse of power, egocentrism, parasitism and vicious creativity. Interestingly, Lubitz’s Lilith is on a degree associated with aviation and gasses.

Religious-mystic escapism and heroism

The combination of strong Sagittarius/Jupiter and Uranus not merely yields pilots. It tends to produce strong escapism both mental and physical. It is interested in flight of both the body and the soul. It dislikes restriction and ordinariness. It likes what is new, unusual, daring and radical. It disposes to religion, superstition and utopias. ‘It is capable of great efforts and great sacrifices for any cause that is espoused. There is often much ability to arouse the enthusiasm of others and strike a dramatic figure, so that we may get much popularity, and even find the native to be something of a popular hero.’

Possible antisocial fanaticism

In Lubitz’s horoscope Saturn and Uranus are about three degrees apart and Sun is situated between them. His Saturn and Uranus form a powerful conjunction with the help of his Sun. ‘As a general rule there is no lack of common sense, but under afflictions from other bodies there may be something of fanaticism.’ In Lubitz’s map, these together with Sun ad Mercury are is square aspect to Lunar Nodes, which gives anti-social tint to the possible fanaticism.

Paradoxical fatalism and vandalism

In Lubitz’s horoscope Mercury, Saturn and Uranus are combust as they are too close to the Sun, which lessens their positive qualities. The conjunction of the antagonistic and combust Saturn and Uranus is likely to act as their negative aspects. The Saturn-Uranus contact implants a sense of restricted freedom and predetermination that the native tries to overcome. The native having this aspect has great self-control. In absence of limitations, the native tends to fabricate them in order to fulfill the program of the horoscopic matrix. This is the second instance of fatalistic aspects in Lubitz’s chart. Unlike the Nodes’ squares, the Saturn-Uranus conjunction endows him with strong will and firmness. It also gives arrogance, conceit and paradoxical illogical anarchical dogmatism.

The aspect may be personified by a haughty rebel, unruly dogmatic, a capricious tyrant or a liberal, but full of prejudices, person. It describes a person who can be disciplined when going through trials, which helps him fit into society, but who becomes destructive in good circumstances. In short, it portrays a saboteur, vandal or a potential wrecker. The combusted Mercury adds mental confusion. And the strong Jovian vibration of the chart adds arrogance and superciliousness.

Inconsistency, illogicality and abuse of power

The erratic character longs for constancy, authority and power. And when he gets power he abuses it. ‘The contradictory character of these planets is well illustrated by the story of the Russian Czar, of whom it was said (in the time of the serfs) that he would gladly have seen all men free, if, freed, they would do exactly what he wanted! It is characteristic of the Saturno-Uranian contacts to act in a manner exactly opposite to the native’s theories and often to alter the latter erratically, ringing all the changes between rigid autocracy and anarchic “freedom.” Consistency is not one of the virtues of this combination, and, after many changes, one may find the native as positive as ever in his conviction of being right. A liberal amount of time may profitably be devoted by the native to the cultivation of the virtue of humility!’

Tendency to abrupt drastic action in Lubitz’s chart

The Sun-Uranus conjunction In Lubitz’s chart inclines him to eccentric, radical and spasmodic action. The Saturn-Uranus conjunction gives him ‘love of drastic action. Violent, fitful, wayward traits of character arise; the native verges from moody and sensitive states to the reckless and defiant attitude, with little real strength of character behind. […]. It is a distinctly violent combination on the external side, and it must be regarded as capable, with other similar indications, of endangering bodily safety.’1)C.E.O.Carter


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1. C.E.O.Carter

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