Total Lunar Eclipse 27 July 2018

Total Lunar Eclipse 27 July 2018


Total Lunar Eclipse with Mars 27 7 2018 at Nesebar viber image Svetla GradanskaThe eclipse on 27 July 2018 is the longest total lunar eclipse of the century. It lasts 5 hours, 45 minutes and 10 seconds. It hits the 5th and 6th degrees Leo, 4th and 5th Aquarius and, to a lesser extent, 3-5 degrees Taurus. Those who have Sun or a planet there or an adjacent degrees will be most affected by the eclipse in the course of the next year in a manner similar to the one described below; and how exactly it depends on their horoscopes. Those who have planets at these degrees should check their horoscopes.

smiling-flame-1800-10Mars is highly accentuated during this eclipse and joins the moon. This situation indicates fire, bloodshed, riots, sabotage, and epidemics of acute contagious diseases. Divorces and irritable women; wars and hostile crowds will fill the news. The fires in Greece, Sweden. Spain or California as well as the obsession with African animal plague in Bulgaria led to the massacre of many thousands of sheep and goats, and to the construction of a fence for boars between Bulgaria and Romania, contain all these elements as well as elements brought about by the latter partial solar eclipse on 13 July.

Uranus is in Taurus and is the most damaged planet during the eclipse. It governs aviation, electronics, the Internet, reforms and chef authorities, and together with Mars is a co-ruler of the escapes. Taurus governs the land, labor, heavy things and money. This situation of the injured by Mars and the Lights Uranus indicates a tendency for radical economic reforms, riots against governments, changes in labor conditions and investment, capital redistribution, especially in the field of electronics; explosions, technical errors, opposition, disintegration of alliances, and differentiation of new social subjects.

Red Moon Red MarsPolitically, the eclipse indicates a military-revolutionary situation, a collision of rulers with dissatisfied masses and the use of military forces. It is possible for the military to work against power or patriots against the government. On July 26, the day before the eclipse, this happened literally in a miniature in the Bulgarian Parliament. Volen Siderov, who is a typical Martian, had a physical strike with a parliamentarian from another group. Another Mars ambassador, Mareshki, declared himself his bodyguard. Another similarly motivated incident of the same day is the strife of British military planes with Russian over the Black Sea and the stabbing of one youngster by another for a Facebook post.

This is the beginning of an episode of exacerbated conflict, coupled with paradoxical indifference from those who are not directly involved in it.

total lunar eclipse 2018 07 27 Anthony AyiomamitisConcerning Bulgaria, Saturn is very strong because it is in the highest position and indicates that the conservative forces will strengthen their positions next year or two. Its aspect to Uranus suggests that these forces will saddle the discontent, and that new impetus for long-term slavery about atomic projects is possible. It seems that the judiciary, the law and the mafia structures stay away and are not worried about the conflict that will unfold for at least half a year. This may serve as an argument for their radical reform by the forces of social change that will shake Bulgaria in about a year and a half.

Regarding health, the eclipse is to affect the heart and, in particular, the carotid and pulmonary arteries, the calves, the small shin, and to a smaller extent the pharynx and the swallow. It will increase the number of fever conditions and the body temperature at them, which is normal and should not bother the affected. It also further prolongs the hemorrhoid complications that began about half a year ago.

total lunar eclipse 2018 07 27 Anthony AyiomamitisHow can we reduce the impact of this eclipse? It is a good idea to move our ankles as we do when walking and to drive away our negative thoughts. We can walk calmly and without hurry, which can be with someone who evokes our positive thoughts and confidence in us, in person or in our minds. Deep and calm breathing or singing, as well as a slight massage of the heart zone, especially during the exact eclipse, would also reduce its aggressive consequences.

Anticipated mundane effects of eclipse

Expectations are that eclipse will have a noticeable impact until 27 January 2021, though it will be most recognizable during the first six months.

2018: The eclipse will manifest in its brightest and probably destructive way about September 20 and 27, and by November 27 its effects may become legitimate.

2019: As of January 24, the eclipse is constructively activated and new ideas and connections may occur, and about February 17-21 it is explosively and destructively activated. In July, there are a series of intense stimulations of the eclipse – on 4, 9 and 27 July – as their character varies from mass hysteria, military aggression and government regulation. As of October 28, it is possible that the effects of the eclipse will encounter serious lunar eclipse 2018 07 27 Anthony Ayiomamitis

2020: towards 24/25 January, the effects of the eclipse will have a broad-spectrum appearance. About 6 April they will be legalized or will give rise to sharp discontent and almost martial law. It will appear that the effects of eclipse are exhausted, but this will be only apparent. On July 27, they reappear and try to defend their cause, and on November 24 they meet opposition again.

2021: At the beginning of 2021, the eclipse will revive; it may have varied manifestations, which will be followed by dampening of its influence. It appears that endeavors that have begun under eclipse’s influence will reach maximum deployment by 9 January 2021. Military or terrorist acts and breach of contracts around January 11 may accompany this. Shortly thereafter, around 27 January, the eclipse will begins to run out, suggesting that its demands can be legitimized, but hardly very peacefully.

Events that can be associated with the effects of the eclipse as by 11 August:

– Facebook lost nearly $ 150 billion (July 26)
– opening the Facebook group “for the Republic of Sofia
– chaos at the Munich Airport (July 27), Frankfurt (August 7) and Bremen (August 8)
– fire at the royal stables Sofia (29 7)
– Serbian diplomat shot down on the street (29 7)
– earthquakes in Indonesia (29 July, 5 August)
– record-breaking fires in Europe that start unusually early in July
Total lunar Eclipse 277 2018 in Sacramento California horoscope– greatest wildfires in California; The eclipse marked California particularly harsh because its luminaries and rulers fall exactly at the angles of the sky, where they gain the greatest power. (This shows as a blue square of aspects in Sacramento horoscope.)
– petroleum lorry blast in Bologna (August 6)
– launcher of a fighter jet at the NATO drill in Spain (8 July)
– Elon Musk says he wants to take Tesla private (August 8)
– Adoption of pension insurance laws in Bulgaria (9 August)
– dramatic fall of Turkish lira as a result of embargo (10 August)
– Donald Trump’s proposal for space forces (August 10)
– riots in Romania against the fictitiousness of judicial reform (10-13 august)
– “Weekend as a War” – a record number of road accidents (20) and car fires (4) in Bulgaria (August 12)
– Bulgaria’s trade register blocked due to unknown computer problem (10 August) *
– the Turkish currency has fallen due to the theocratic state’s interference in international politics. Turkey’s Sun is receives the worst aspects by eclipse’s luminaries and significators.
– coordinated attacks by masked youths in Gothenburg and other Sweden towns set 100 cars on fire (15 august)


 * Events that are also visibly affected by the partial solar eclipse on August 11, which brought documentary-financial and ideological-religious power-related problems and which we do not consider separately.


Here are some personalities, from those we’ve seen on the site, who expectedly the eclipse is to affect adversely in the coming months or year:
– The eclipse is most pronounced on Alexis Tsipras and Delyan Peevski because they have sun at the same degree.

– the eclipse tends to aggress Georgi Parvanov about the energy project “Belene”, which shakes his position.

– the eclipse does not make Tsetska Tsacheva very happy and is disturbing to Boyko Borisov, but because their birth time is not known, we do not know how much.

Meglena Kuneva suffers a sudden change, whiles Yordan Tsonev is enforced to change.

 – I hope Harrison Ford does not have a heart problem. Arnold Schwarzenegger is also close to a relapse of heart complications. Milen Tsvetkov can only get away with censorship on the themes of his show.

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