The total lunar eclipse threw Munich Airport into chaos

The total lunar eclipse threw Munich Airport into chaos


Munich Аirport interior at night with total lunar eclipseThe total lunar eclipse on 27 July 2018 provoked mishaps at the Munich Airport, and latter also at the Frankfurt and Bremen airports. The eclipse strongly accentuated Neptune in Munich and ин much of Europe by its conjunction to the ascendant and by the exact conjunction of Mars and Moon with the cusp of the XII house that Neptune rules. Neptune governs sailings, distractions, petroleum and migrations and does not recognize boundaries and limitations. Its ingress in Pisces that began 2011 is the astrological prerequisite for unleashing migratory waves. The influence of the disturbed Neptune leads to chaos, losses, delays and desynchronization, and of the XII house – to isolation

Mars and Uranus co-rule the eclipse and mutually afflict each other. The most injured planet during the eclipse is Uranus. It indicates where the chaos tends to focus. It occupies the II house cusp in Taurus. Uranus governs aviation, and Taurus and II house – the earth and the land. Its state indicates describes the airport as a likely location of trouble and a take-off difficulty and danger of explosion. The eclipse horoscope for Munich sketches chaos and airport stagnation linked to migration and apprehension of explosion. Only 6 hours after the eclipse, the Munich airport descended into chaos that led to losses of about €1 million.

Munich Аirport exterior at night with total lunar eclipseLunar eclipse affects women and crowds more. In Munich, a woman threw thousands of passengers into chaos. The connection of the case with migration is direct and indirect: the airport’s state border was crossed without a customs check and significance of this act was emphasized due to the problem of the increased immigration flow after 2011 and due to the indiscriminate shooting at McDonald’s fast food restaurant at the Olympia shopping center in Munich on July 22. The shooting has astrological connections with both the total lunar eclipse on July 27 and with the preceding solar eclipse of July 13.

Fortunately, the rest of the planetary aspects were good, which foretells a relatively quick and successful overcoming of the crisis, which in this case lasted for several days.

Indeed, the chaos at Munich airport that occurred immediately after the total lunar eclipse on July 27, 2018 is a beautiful illustration of the eclipses’ influence.

Frankfurt and Bremen

Similar but less chaotic situations arose a week later at the airports in Frankfurt (August 7) and Bremen (August 8). These cities are located west of Munich, so the eclipse falls in their XII house, and Neptune in I house. The delay after the eclipse and the smaller confusion that occurred in these airports is due to the fact that the impact of the astrological houses is strongest at their cusps – in this case the ascendant and cusp of the XII house, as in Munich.

The delay and declining power of these airports are a mundane illustration of the strength of parts of astrological houses. During the eclipse, Neptune was at 17 degree Pisces. In Munich, it happened to be at the beginning of 3rd degree of I house, in Frankfurt – 6th degree, and in Bremen – 7th degree. Similar is the situation with a XII house: The Moon and Mars were exactly at its cusp in Munich, at 6th degrees in Frankfurt and at 7th degree in Bremen.


bologna-explosion-40Neptune during the eclipse is exactly at the ascendant, and Mars at the top of the XII house in Bologna, where on August 6 a fuel truck exploded on the road in the immediate vicinity of the airport. Let’s remind that Mars governs the ascendant and indicates fire, Neptune points to oil, and Uranus, that is co-ruler of the eclipse suggests airports, explosions, and generally something heavy. The simultaneous merging of the ascendant and Neptune and of the Neptunian house cusp with Mars at the time of eclipse most literally and imperatively describes oil on fire. The too heavy Uranus in Taurus and at the cusp of II house refers to as a tanker or gasoline lorry.

But why, with such strong indications and Mars and Neptune mutual reception, the explosion occurred with a delay of 9 days? And why the blast took place near the airport and not at it? First, let me note that at the moment of the explosion, the degrees of the lunar eclipse luminaries were right in the corners of the sky, at their highest and lowest points where they are strongest, with the Moon being at the cusp of its own house. The explosion occurs in the few minutes in which the degrees activated by the eclipse were strongest for the day. Secondly, the transit moon energized those degrees from the eclipse axis with precise trine and sextile. It casted the first trine to the eclipse moon. These two aspects were active between 11 and 14 h local time and provided a window in which the effects of eclipse are most powerful from the eclipse on. The fast moving vertex was in conjunction with the moon for about ten minutes and boosted the energy transfer towards eclipse degrees. Why the accident is outside the airport remains unclear. Anyway, it found a similar situation, even more literally complying with the astrological symbolism of the eclipse. It may be that at the Italian airport, the control or fear of terrorism is weaker or the disorder is always present so that illegal border crossing couldn’t cause quite unusual confusion. The real mystery here, and in many other cases, is why are accidents happen individually at the different places or why an accident often serves as a scapegoat for the region it took place?


Budapest Airport's terminal 2B

On 18 August 2018, one terminal at Budapest airport halted work for 3 hours because an overheated container carrying a radioactive isotope was found on a Turkish plane, which caused alarm. The terminal shut down at 19.30 until about 22.30 local time, as eight incoming and eight outgoing flights were affected.

Like the troubles at other airports during the last month, this accident shows a clear astrological connection to the total lunar eclipse of 27 July 2018 too. It demonstrates the strength of the cusps of the astrological houses as well as the durability of eclipses’ effects. As has been explained, this eclipse generally addresses problems, delays and even explosions at airports. In cities where the Moon and Mars have fallen on the 12th house cusp, chaos or explosion occurred (Munich and Bologna). In cities where they have fallen amidst the house, weaker chaos and delays followed (Frankfurt and Bremen). Let’s remind that radioactivity is under the rulerships of VIII house, Scorpio and their ruler Pluto, while the general significator for radiation and explosions are XI house and its ruler Uranus. Uranus is the co-ruler of this particular lunar eclipse along with Mars, and Mars co-rules VIII house together with Pluto. Therefore, emphasizing VIII house and Pluto at the eclipse would fill the subconsciousness with Scorpio-style apprehension about invisible dangers, including radiation.

In Budapest, the eclipse activated the VIII house by placing Jupiter, the planet of exaggeration, exactly at its cusp. The eclipse also activated Pluto by positioning it exactly at the XI house cusp. Thus, Uranus that co-rules the eclipse and rules its Moon and Mars, in Budapest also rules Pluto that is being strongly energized by Jupiter. There Uranus also rules XII house, tuning subconsciously to secrets and chaos. Therefore, during the eclipse in Budapest, the influence of Scorpio and its ruler Pluto were rather intense, which incited long-standing suspicions of dangerous radioactivity.

The ascendant during the eclipse in Budapest is still in Pisces. The other horoscopic angles were also in mutable signs whose power is not in action. This may explain why the chaos of Budapest airport was deferred and smaller relative to the other airports. In this case, it is necessary the eclipse motif to reoccur in a most literal way in order to gain the power to be fulfilled. Such a motif is the reinforcement of Pluto that happens when the Moon visits its sign Scorpio.

The Moon ingresses Scorpio at 10.55 on 18 August 2018 or about eight and a half hours before the airport problem arises. Then the Moon casted a succession of tense aspects to the rulers of the eclipse Uranus and Mars, and at 18.30 it formed square aspects to the luminaries of the eclipse. The squares to the Sun and the Moon of the eclipse became exact and achieved maximal power at 19.28 or just two minutes before closing the terminal! This is the most intense astrological situation of Scorpio type since the eclipse. Undoubtedly, it triggered the situation.

A fireman enters the cargo compartment of a Turkish Airlines flight at Budapest Airport

The peak of the negative Scorpio tension resonated the overwhelmed Scorpio notes that have been echoing since the eclipse and triggered the closing of the terminal. The fact that a Turkish airplane became the object of suspicion is also no accidental, because Turkey is under the rulerships of the Scorpio sign.

Meanwhile, Pluto reaches its highest position and strength for the day at 22:31, after which it suddenly weakened as it enters a falling house or one of the end houses. Pluto’s daily climax ends sharply and coincides with the opening time of the terminal. The resumption of airport work is waiting for Pluto, the major cause of radioactive panic, to stop increasing its strength for the day.

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