The Total Solar Eclipse on 2 July 2019 and the disturbances in the Earth’s layers that it caused

The Total Solar Eclipse on 2 July 2019 and the disturbances in the Earth’s layers that it caused


This article briefly confirms the dependence of climate, wind and earthquakes on cosmic influences. Etheric cosmology offers a comprehensive definition of this interrelation, and is briefly explained here.

Mun is the first typhoon to hit China this year. Typhoons, however, are a very rare phenomenon for Hainan province in the south China. Mun stopped the ferry service and triggered the cancellation of the flights. The Chinese Meteorological Service said the tropical storm began about 0:45 am local time in the ocean near Wanning and was accompanied by winds reaching 18 meters per second near the storm’s eye.

Typhoon Mun began with the onset of the eclipse when the Sun and the Moon are right on the opposite side of the earth, in the nadir, or at IC in astrological jargon. When the lights are together, they cause a strong compression at the closest part of the earth and strong decompression in the farthest, forming a zone with reduced atmospheric pressure there that generates winds and sometimes storms. The synchronization of Mun’s formation and eclipse is perfect and proves the causal relationship between them.

Later that same day at 16.50 local time unexpectedly erupted the Stromboli volcano near Naples and buried a tourist. The eruption has surprised vulcanologists but is expected from an astrological point of view. Its suddenness suggests a connection with the eclipse.

About a day later, a series of earthquakes began in the Mojave Desert near Ridgecrest,. California. The strongest earthquakes in Southern California for almost 20 years were on July 4 at 10:33 and on July 6 at 6:19. The first one had magnitude 6.4,it  shook the Las Vegas area to the Orange County and became the cause of a state of emergency. The second was 7.1 magnitude and improved the record.

Total Solar Eclipse on 2 July 2019 relation to Typhoon Mun and California EarthquakesThe California series of earthquakes took place very close to the projection of the Sun and Moon on the Earth’s surface. At this eclipse, the Moon was at its maximum declination and was close to its perigee (the closest point to the earth), which guarantees the great impact of eclipse on the Earth’s layers. The Moon reached its perimeter at 9 am on July 6, causing the strongest earthquake. The casual relation of the eclipse to earthquakes is obvious. Such is also its connection to the typhoon Mun and to the awakening of the Italian volcano. It’s funny such obvious dependence to be neglected only because of the lack of a modern scientific explanation.

We saw how the strong solar eclipse caused displacements of the Earth’s shells in order of their density, which is quite logical because the denser is the matter, the longer it takes to normalize its density. The displacements occur in east to west direction, which is the direction of motion of the planets’ projections on the Earth’s surface and suggests the role of eclipse in their triggering. All three natural phenomena took place approximately on the latitude of the sun’s projection because it changes slowly with seasons and because the Sun is the basic factor in provoking them.

All of these natural cataclysms are the result of the etheric interactions of the planets and, above all, of the focused action of the Sun and the Moon on the Earth. The cataclysms are predictable statistically with astrological methods and are understandable in the context of etheric physics. Support the author of this pioneering research with any amount. donate-to-bio-astrology-long-yel


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