On Ukraine crisis and Russian autocracy
from an astrological point of view

On Ukraine crisis and Russian autocracy</br>from an astrological point of view

On November 13th, Mars entered Libra and triggered the terrorist attacks in Paris. The previous entry of Mars in Libra was on December 8th, 2013 coinciding with the largest protest in Kiev and with the onset of the Ukraine crisis. Ukraine seems to have a special affinity to Libra and to both Venusian signs. The day the Ukrainian referendum for independence was held (12.12.1991) Moon transited Libra.

3° of the Venusian signs – Taurus and Libra – seems particularly important to this nation. Mars is in detriment in these signs. Usually he activates their 3° at significant events of its history. At the traditional foundation of Ukraine (26.6.988) and on the day of its independence from USSR (22.1.1918) Pluto and Mars respectively occupied the 3° Libra. On the day Ukraine announced its independence from USSR (16.7.1990) Mars was at 3° Taurus – the other Venusian sign in which Mars is frustrated. The day when independence of Ukraine was internationally accepted (24.8.1991) Mars was approaching Libra and was only 10 days prior 3° Libra.

On the other hand, the Russian president Vladimir Putin has very strong Pluto and Mars, which makes him a militant diplomat or military strategist. Vladimir Putin is a Libran and has Saturn in Libra so in suppressing and annexing Ukraine he follows his own horoscopic vocation. In confirmation, the unusually long sojourn of Mars in Libra from 7.12.2013 to 26.7.2014 activated both Putin and his ambitions toward Ukraine as well as the Ukrainian drive for independence. During this period, the Ukraine crisis aggravated and the Russian federation annexed Crimea.

On December 12th, 1991, Ukraine’s referendum for independence was conducted and Ukraine formally acquired independence. On that day, the Moon transited over Putin’s Sun. Yet, she was in exact conjunction with his Saturn when the results were announced. Moon and Sun are mutually complementing rivals while Moon and Saturn are antagonists and their union suggests separation. Therefore, these conjunctions indicate the common interests but antagonistic relation of the Russian president and Ukraine to the interdependence of the nation. In due course, Vladimir Putin’s ambitions and Ukrainians’ freedom seeking increased simultaneously.

The proper Annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation took a series of events in the period February 20th – Mach 11th, 2014 when the Republic of Crimea declared its independence. Those events were coordinated with the motions and states of Mars in Libra.

Noticeably, the activation of the Crimea issue was well synchronized with the increase of Martian energy due to its retrograde motion. On March 1st, 2014, Mars stopped moving forward in Libra only to begin moving backwards. He turned retrograde and his frustration increased. On March 1st, 2014, Sergey Aksyonov declared that Crimea’s new de facto authorities would exercise control of all Ukrainian military installations on the peninsula. His Pluto is at 4 degree of Libra, his Venus is severely damaged and his Uranus is in Libra too. In other words, his internal Libra that stands for Ukraine is unhappy, hurt, undermined and revolutionized. And all that Aksyonov he did was to follow his horoscopic instructions.

During the signing of the Accession treaty of Crimea to Russia on March 18th, 2014 the Moon was in Libra and in conjunction with Putin’s Sun. Putin takes a Libran bride – Ukraine – in this symbolic marriage.

On April 11th, Mars acquired maximal retrograde velocity, which was the peak in his frustration. This celestial event closely coincided with the peak of the Russian aggression towards Ukraine. On April 17th, 2014, Russian officials eventually admitted to their troops’ presence and Putin acknowledged that the Russian military backed Crimean separatist militias, stating that Russia’s intervention was necessary. He presented the recent Russia’s aggression as motivated by social necessity and justice in the way Mars in Libra does.

The synchronicity of mundane and celestial events is neither new nor strange to astrology. Just like everything on Earth, Ukraine’s struggle for independence and Crimea’s annexation by Russia are coordinated with the cosmic clocks. The tight binding of these events in Ukrainian history to Putin’s horoscope is indicative of his autocratic status. For instance, on December 4 2015, the Transiting Mars conjunction to Putin’s Sun and the Russia’s parliament voted a law allowing Russia to ignore international human rights rulings. Considering this, it is not difficult to predict that the coming 2016 will be a test for Russia during which it will go through fire and water.

December 2015


The third degree of Libra encourages Ukraine again

Yesterday, 23.9.2016, Ukraine officially demanded a ‘special partnership’ with NATO leading to improving its defence system. This is a bold political step toward country’s independence from Russia. And of course it was encouraged from above.

Once again, the 3 degree of Libra activates the Ukrainian drive for independence. September 23 is the last day of a four-days-long transit of the great encourager Jupiter in 3 degree of Libra.

Yet, the previous afternoon the Sun has just entered Libra, the sign to which Ukraine is has special affinity. On the day of the official Ukrainian demand for military cooperation, the Sun representing the government was at 1 degree of Libra, formed a close 2-degree conjunction to Jupiter and supported its enthusiasm with maximal regal authority. The 1 degree of Libra is associated with Don quixotic self-sacrificial attitude, with law, with fighting evil and cleansing sin.1)More about the degree can be found here.

The current transit of Jupiter in Libra enthuses Ukraine to fight for independence. But it also galvanizes Vladimir Putin to expansion, a tendency that only grows imperative during the next two months.

September 25, 2016

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1. More about the degree can be found here.

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