A curious bearI’m a biologist with interdisciplinary interests. My inquisitiveness is not a choice of mine. Now I know, I was imprinted with it at birth. And as it is with everybody else, my enthusiasms are unintentional

I arrived at astrology via biology. Indeed, skeptical I was and unnecessarily circumspect in the beginning. But my contact with astrology turn out to be a voyage of discovery.

more (but not all) about my scientific pursuits

I was disappointed to find out that university education is used for social inscribing rather than for understanding reality. ‘A biologist is not supposed to ask such questions’ or ‘Don’t waste your time, everything has already been discovered. For sure, there are certain specialists out there who know the answer to your investigation.’ are some of the advices I’ve received.

I graduated biology and defended MS at Sofia University 1989. Then I undertook a scientific research of my own on tabooed themes. I became something that could be categorized as an alternative biologist. This led me to the frontiers of science. Meanwhile I made my living by teaching biology or by other activities. I’ve never been sponsored by any scientific organization.1) These were extremely conservative in my country. And they still are.

I was interested in the nonchemical interaction (NCI) between organisms. The transfer of information without the mediation of substance is a topic entirely outside official mainstream biology, because of the theoretical restrictions that conventional physics imposes on it. So I investigated it by myself. Rupert Sheldrake‘s books became my moral supporters.

I found that NCI is ubiquitous and is present in all living beings. Strikingly, NCI doesn’t seem to require energy for its execution. I investigated NCI most thoroughly in plants and in induction of congenital birthmarks. I proved the authenticity of these phenomena and learned a lot about their mechanism.

Chemistry and genetics cannot account for numerous essential and widespread phenomena in nature. Such are, for instance, embryogenesis, branching pattern, cellular differentiation or activation of the  complement system, an essential part of the innate immune system. The reality of non-chemical interaction is the reason for the existence of the concept of the morphogenetic field that attempts to explain it. Organisms are sensitive to this morphic field, but it has never been indisputably detected by measuring instruments so its physical nature is unclear.

At that time, I was unaware of many scientifically established facts that were of crucial importance to my investigations. Such were, for instance, the original results of the Michelson-Morley experiment, which aren’t null as relativity postulates in order to build its thesis, the Dayton Miller ᴂether-drift measurements, the influence of Sun and Moon positions relative to Earth on the rate of chemical reactions as well as the unmistakable relation of the Solar and lunar cycles to the reproductive and physiological cycles of all living organisms. These fundamental observations were scientifically proven and were meticulously and continuously performed for decades. The reason for my ignorance of them was simple. They were purged from mainstream science and education, because of the corollaries of the dogma introduced by relativity that denies properties to space. This theory claims that the position of Sun and planets can only be visually known, because planetary motion is just an inconsequential free fall in emptiness. For some reason, the followers of relativity are unable to perceive the cosmic order that is obvious to everyone else.

The 20th century relativistic paradigm has severely limited development of biological science and forced it to give a mechanical explanation for all phenomena using chemical reactions. It has enforced natural sciences to outcast a vast amount of ancient knowledge and coerced vital questions into silence. The results are damaging to theoretical biology and medicine. And, of course, the relativity dogma has outlawed the existence of physical basis for morphogenetic fields, telepathy and astrological influences.

My examination of NCI suggested that its medium is (indistinguishable from) gravity. Thus, gravitational fields may operate as morphogenetic fields by dynamically following the shape of organisms. A living organism distorts the medium field and creates the morphogenetic shape that its cells follow as they grow. And all of this happens without it spending any special energy. In other words, my conclusion was that gravitational and morphic fields are identical. Therefore, there is no need to ascribe any special nature to morphogenetic fields that anyway seem incomprehensibly complicated with their abilities to self-organize and to attract shapes.

It seems to me that academic recognition requires suppression of inquisitiveness. For instance, the response of botanists to my explanation of leaf asymmetry and proof that it has a non-genetic origin exemplifies this. ‘First’ the professor said to me ‘you have to describe and legitimize the existence of the asymmetry by gathering samples from all species and regions throughout the country. You’ll have to prepare a dissertation on this. Then, you may proceed with your thesis on the cause of asymmetry and defend it in another dissertation.’ In other words, I had to spend years or decades to present only one of my findings the academic way. How I was to hold back my thirst for knowledge? I had already lost more than two years and a certain amount of mental capacity in mandatory military service and I had no resources to waste. It seemed to me that making the standard academic science career prevents from knowing.

The results of the scientific research I performed during the 1990s proved to me that gravity affects cellular differentiation and the balance of biochemical reactions. I deduced that the different phases of gravity cycle must have a specific influence on metabolism. If these influences give an imprint at birth, they must have an impact on temper, sense of time, instinctual attitude or general intent of the native.

Initially I was incredulous at astrology.2)I assume now that my skepticism and ignorance stemming from lack of experience and partiality, both aided by misinformation and censorship. However, astrology is the only discipline that relates gravity cycle phases to physiological and neuropsychological characteristics. I couldn’t keep from crosschecking my presumptions. So I asked an astrologer to erect my horoscope and estimate my conjectures.3)Now I know that actually the planetary transits at that time incited me to do this.

I wasn’t really surprised to hear that my suppositions about the effects of gravity cycle phases were concordant with traditional astrology. But I was truly astonished to see how large the scope of astrology was. I was unprepared for its multifacetedness that he revealed to me. I realized that astrology is multilayered and profound like none of modern sciences. It was far ahead on a road that I’d just glanced.

Our conversation turned out to be surprising to the astrologer too. My graphs describing the general outcome of the different conception and birth times on the native sounded logical to him. He said it was the first time that he came upon a sensible rationalization of astrology. We stayed all night long discussing the connections. My first close encounter with astrology changed me. The proficiency and intuition of the astrologer certainly played a part. A parallel reality invisible to the formal education materialized beyond doubt. I became aware that there were many things to learn yet. And more yet to unlearn.

There was no turning back for me. The next several years I spent obsessed with attempts to understand and rationalize the nature and mechanism of astrological influences. The result was their biological explanation, which I named Bioastrology. It regards zodiac signs as overdeveloped natural instincts due to their reinforcement at birth. Bioastrology renders traditional astrology logical, easy to learn and expands its potential without being in conflict with it.

me at Denis Wilder exhibitionI’ve been into astrology for about two decades now and I’m still learning. My experience has showed me its power and efficiency. It has convinced me that we are all metabolically and neurophysiologically programmed at birth. For that reason, astrology offers the shortest way to comprehend one’s temper, health, motives and character. Astrological knowledge may dramatically improve health and self-knowledge. It is the only way to reduce the imperativeness of astrological programming. I believe it may alleviate diseases and save lifelong personal battles.

Yet, astrological influence is not limited to birth-time imprinting but continues throughout life. Astrology is not only informative about inborn tendencies but it is also a powerful tool for predicting their change in time.

Medical astrology is an especially potent tool for disease diagnostics and prevention. Astrology is indispensable in identifying health conditions that are difficult to diagnose including psychosomatic, neurophysiological, psychological and psychiatric. This is possible since most of them stem from energy imbalance and not from a genetic defect. The efficacy of medical astrology may be a fact to a practicing astrologer, but it is impossible to modern medicine. I’m ready to collaborate with physicians or psychiatrists in order to prove these assertions.

It’s a pity that astrologers shy away from medical astrology. But it is a shame that physicians and psychologists totally disrespect it. There is no doubt to me that its collaboration with modern computerized statistics sooner or later will revolutionize medicine increasing its efficacy several times in no time.4)If there is good will, the medical revolution of this symbiosis won’t be costly. Its onset will take several years and will require a dozen or two of knowledgeable and dedicated researches with access to the international medical files. I’m not the only one who is convinced that that in the not so distant future astrology will make medicine and psychiatry primary preventive disciplines. And here I am to demonstrate the effectiveness of medical astrology.

This website is primarily educational. Its making has taken me several years up to now. I made it for the glory of astrological science. Yet, there are many new discoveries and developments that I intend to bring out. And, of course, I hope that the unique services that I’ve recently started to offer will be of practical use to you.

Vehrgilh or Vehrguil (English)
Vergil (Bulgarian, Norwegian)
Verguil (French, Italian, Latin)
Vehrgil (German, Swedish)

Horoscopes, unlike words, sound the same in all languages.                                          my map

The world is a merry-go-round.


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1. These were extremely conservative in my country. And they still are.
2. I assume now that my skepticism and ignorance stemming from lack of experience and partiality, both aided by misinformation and censorship.
3. Now I know that actually the planetary transits at that time incited me to do this.
4. If there is good will, the medical revolution of this symbiosis won’t be costly. Its onset will take several years and will require a dozen or two of knowledgeable and dedicated researches with access to the international medical files.

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