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Dear web & app developers, traffic enhancers and all who offer their help to Bio-astrology,

thank you all for your proposals!

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Let me warn you that right now there is no money here, but merely supressed knowledge and undeveloped biomedical potential. The site cannot employ you at the present regardless of your merits.

I know, the site is great and the topics it introduces have huge potential. This is because the site has unique content that is still to grow. It is the only site that illustrates the non-genetic inheritance known from ancient times but is currently neglected and that is yet to be recognized by contemporary science.

Hermes Trismegistus Caduceus with two Kundalini snakes and wings against the background of a medical crossIt is a pioneering effort that is of immense importance to development of biology, medicine and criminology. However, it stands alone and is currently unsupported. The site and the knowledge presents are result of the dedicated years-long research and work of a biologist. This’s me, the author of the site. As you can see, for the time being, this is mainly an educational site that glorifies astrology and illustrates its power of action at physical level.

The task of such groundbreaking work is difficult and unrewarding, at least initially. Firstly, it has to persuade the public in the great importance of medical astrology and the great benefits it can offer. Only then, one could venture and try it.

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There is not a business behind the site as many of you are inclined to think, but a work of heart for the sake of science and progress of medicine. Its aim is to educate and eventually help, not necessarily to make profit here and now. Site’s potential is great as it opens new perspectives to biology, medicine, criminology and sociology that are actually well forgotten truths but that can be extremely effective in the computerized age.

cheetah, running, Boris Johnson clutching the ball like a seasoned proFor some reason people are not inclined to ask the site for their totems, even though many are interested. I’ve ideas for improvements of the site, and for other unique services, which for the time being I’m unable to situate on the site or present in web form. Some of them may be profitable in the future. But I’m still working on the content of the site and cannot afford the distraction to learn web developing. Nor can I pay for improvements unless the site begins to generate some revenue. Thus, you see, it’s vicious circle.

magician Dynamo, Pope Francis seductive looks: Sun degree twinsTherefore, if you want to improve the site, you have to volunteer for free just for the sake of your portfolio or as exchange for my astrological services. If some profit comes because of your effort, I won’t forget to share it with you. You can trust a man who works so hard for an idea.

Even then, I wonder how can I have trust in you that you aren’t one of those hackers?

A three-component monogram of Pluto made by combination of Percival Lowell's initials and astronomical and astrological symbols of PlutoIn addition, I have some sub-projects that once I intended to put on the bio-astrology site, but which now I see is inappropriate. I didn’t know then how clumsy site building is.

One promising sub-project, for instance, requires the help a low level of programmer or plugin developer. Biolinguistics is a completely new science that is linked to biological astrology. It shows universality of meanings of human speech sounds. Many people would like to know the true universal meaning of their names and how they program their lives. This knowledge is truly illuminating and has a practical effect. I believe that its proper popularization via a program could generate some revenue.

Barack Obama and African buffalo smilingAnother innovative project concerns fundamental chemistry. It will benefit from a special 3D modelling program and will be beneficial for programmers who develop it. I find this project very important and consequential. Actually, I intend to work on it soon. I don’t need the software to present the topic. Then programmers will come, I believe.

Best regards to all of you web workers.


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