What are these animals?
Is this some kind of mockery?

What are these animals? </br>Is this some kind of mockery?

Sun Totem

European goldfinch and Mikhail GorbachevThe animals shown next to the faces in the degree zodiac galleries are their astrological correspondences. Namely, they are totems that is associated with the Sun zodiacal degree in their horoscopes. Juxtaposing people with animals does not intend ridiculing individuals but revealing the fundamental archetypes of human nature.

The galleries in the degree zodiac illustrate the effects of the astrological influences at physical level. TAlexis Tsipras and lapwinghey show the unity of mind and body, the interconnection between physiology and psychology and the correlation between intentions and body proportions. The galleries Illustrate a type of non-genetic heredity that the moment of birth implants in the energy structure of the body or, if you prefer, in the subconsciousness. They can serve as a visual aid in astrology, physiognomy and astrophysiognomy.

Nature to be commanded
must be obeyed.

Francis Bacon

The physical resemblance of individuals with their totems and the correspondence between their nature and life with the characteristics of their sun degree illustrate the unity of body and mind, metabolism and consciousness that modern science almost completely ignores because of the theoretical limitations imposed by the aetherless physics of the 20th century. Unfortunately, the truth is also being ignored due to misunderstood ethics. The site offers visual demonstrations of the formative force and thorough effect of the astrological influences and hints at the one-sidedness of modern science.

A funny ignorance

young Bill Gates and assAstrology is an indispensable tool for understanding human nature. The unique illustrations in the degree-zodiac can be used as an interactive reference-book. If the similarities between man and beast are funny to you, means they are credible and therefore a serious issue is behind them.

One’s horoscope determines one’s zodiacal animal totems. If comparisons of humans with animals evoke laughter, this is mainly due to the great similarity of the two categories. And the resemblance is not only of facial features, but also in body proportions, posture, gestures, intentions and character. The similarity extends into the value system, because generally it is a continuation of instinctive subconscious aspirations.

Marilyn Monroe and rockfishThe similarity between the clothing of people and colouration and plumage of their totems is a particularly revealing and amusing example of the pervasive force and integral influence of the totem and of the astrological programming, as well as of the unity of physical and mental realms.

Dynamo magician (Steven Frayne), saw-scaled viperThe similarity in the sun totem animal colouration and the clothes of their human carriers (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) or in totems’ hair with human hairstyles (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) are common. However, many people, especially men politicians are limited in their choice of clothing and hairstyles with which they mimic the appearance of their main totems. They unconsciously resort to other more discreet means to imply their totem affiliation. These may be moustaches (1, 2, 3), beard and whiskers, hairstyle (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), neckties (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), glasses (1, 2), dickey or other accessories. Even congenital birthmarks (pigmentations) can participate in the similarity. Contemporary medicine and biology science considers birthmarks are due to random mutations. However, bioastrology has performed an extensive research on them proving that imprinting of birthmarks is actually entirely an energy phenomenon.

Мая Манолова и Обикновена кукувицаThe horoscopic resources manifested themselves at any level of the individual. The Sun totem, for example, is evident everywhere. It noticeable in the character, peeps at us from the eyes and shines in the clothing of a person. If comparing humans and animals ridicules anything, it is the primitivism of human nature and our ignorance of it.

Individuality outside genes

Adolf Hitler and Iggy Pop: Sun degree twinsGenes contain the life molecules database. They are instructions for making the bricks of a living organism. They provide for the repetition of the history of life by the individual. The genetic apparatus is the most conservative thing in nature. If we were only genetically determined, we would be almost the same as uniformed.

Tom Hanks and Viktor Yanukovyc: Sun degree twinsGenetic divergence can produce individuality, but it is efficient only in exceptional circumstances that are difficult to find in nature. It can result from limitations of crossbreeding and is a very slow process. The differences resulting from it are unstable. In just a few generations after the restoration of free breeding, they fade. The factors that generate large differences between individuals are not of genetic nature.

young Anthony Quinn and Iggy Pop: Sun degree twinsAstrological influences produce an individuality that concerns the energy structure and there is no genetic basis. We may say that they affect gene expression directly, by changing the energy density at various body areas. Astrological influences modify the energy structure set by genome. Moreover, their share in morphogenesis rivals with its. Astrology has proved this statistically in numerous ways.

Animals have individuality, but in humans, it is more diverse and more pronounced. According to BioAstrology, the diversity of human characters stems Barack Obama young and African buffalofrom the year-round birth of the people, which bestows maximum variety of astrological influences on them. The majority of human individuality or the variability of Homo sapiens originates from astrologically implanted instincts.

Intent is the essence

Sigmund Freud and YakInstincts, intentions, aspirations and energy structure of the body are closely interrelated. All of them modify the body proportions. Yet all of them are only indirectly and partially genetically determined. Not only astrology, but also physiognomy and palmistry show that similarity has both physical and psychological dimensions and that demarcating body and mind is largely artificial.

Anthony Quinn and Harold Lloyd: Sun degreee twinsAccording to bioastrology, the astrological influences affect the energy structure of organisms by strengthening or weakening some of the natural biological instincts. They modify the instincts and desires and alter energy and hence bodily and mental structure. Thus, the astrological influences modify and append individuality to the genetically set traits. It seems that the astrological influences operate through strengthening, weakening or linking of basic natural instincts. Although astrologically implanted traits are unnecessary for survival, they inevitably take part in evolution.

Tsvetan Vasilev and Anatoly Kashpirovsky: Sun degree twinsThe energy structure is a structure of intent. The intention is the very essence. It is like an embryo: it includes striving, purpose and result. The vast majority of similarities between people as well as between them and animals comes from similarities in intent.

magician Dynamo and Pope Francis: Sun degree twinsAstrology can recognize the intentions even before they have begun to take effect. As well as the huge number of things related to them. Astrology is the science of intention. That is why she is the queen of the sciences.


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