What is Bioastrology?

What is Bioastrology?


Briefly, bio-astrology is an updated medical astrology. For many of the readers, it will be necessary to make clear that medical astrology is the oldest, most concrete, and most tangible astrological discipline that has served faultlessly to humanity for millennia. Unfortunately, however, the conceited Western culture has completely censured it during the last. Only those who are familiar with this matter know how much we lose from this suppression.

Bio astronomy is a modern understanding of classical astrology, which gives a biologically consistent explanation of astrological influences. It regards zodiacal signs as needlessly reinforced natural biological instincts that have been imprinted and fortified at the time of birth. Reinforcement is possible due to the fundamental correlation of gravitational cycles with the equilibrium of chemical processes.

Bioastrology renders traditional astrology logical to the contemporaries and allows its accelerated study. It puts on her a modern garment that can facilitate its scientific socialization. And totally vindicates medical astrology.

Thanks to gravitational chemistry, biorhythmology, electrophysiology and GAM that developed over the last decades bio-astrology has a rational concept of the plausible physical mechanism of astrological influences at its disposal. Their principle is not difficult to grasp outside the dogmas of quantum and relativistic physics, which a priori postulate that astrological influences are impossible.

Bio-astrology also has some branches that increase even further the already astonishing broad interdisciplinarity of astrology. These are the Biolinguistics and related astrology of Names as well as Dream Astrology, which I hope to present to you in the future if interest is present.

Furthermore, bio-astrology gives a new perspective to physical anthropology and scientifically substantiates physiognomy and phrenology. One of the things that this knowledge makes possible is the development of software that finds the date of birth by analysing photos or vice versa. The horoscope and character recognition software will undoubtedly develop in the future because the fight against terrorism requires it, but it is good to happen sooner.


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